Vehicles become more eco-friendly

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With gas prices soaring and the emphasis on preserving the environment, more and more people are becoming eco-friendly. From the influx of hybrid cars, energy-saving appliances and even more efficient light bulbs, Americans are taking notice of the environment and saving money in the process. Here are some trends in transportation that are helping save the environment.

For years, the gas and oil industries have been challenged with providing more environmentally-friendly vehicles. Several car manufacturers have introduced fuel-efficient or hybrid vehicles that have been positively received by consumers. With some vehicles hitting 50 mpg, consumers are conserving fuel, saving money and helping the environment.

Scooters have become all the rage with their ease of use and incredible gas mileage. Available in gas, hybrid and electric models, scooters come in a variety of sizes to fit each individual’s needs. Smaller cubic centimeter (cc) gas scooters are great for city dwellers staying on local roads and do not require a motorcycle license. For longer commutes on highways, the larger cc engines are needed with a motorcycle license.

One of the trends seen in many retirement and gated communities is the use of electric vehicles known as “neighborhood vehicles,” in lieu of cars to get around. Many of these vehicles are your typical golf cart that gets around 35 miles between charges and can hold multiple passengers, making them great for a trip to the store or around the community.

The use of electric power also is expanding to the off-road community. Known traditionally as gas-and-oil machines, all-terrain vehicles and side-by-sides are starting to go green. Recently, Polaris Industries introduced their new Ranger EV, a side-by-side built specifically for clean and quiet operation. With a 50-mile range, the electric vehicle operates at about $0.035 per mile versus $0.09 per mile on a comparable gas vehicle, making it not only more eco-friendly, but more economical.

With the continued consumer demand for alternative-powered vehicles, the use of electric and hybrid vehicles should continue to grow, which is good for the consumer and great for the environment. 

From the October 21-27, 2009 issue

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