Guest Column: Sanctuary cities soak citizens

By E.J. Pagel

In sanctuary cities like Addison, Ill., law enforcement officers are not allowed to inquire about the immigration status of suspected illegal aliens. It is amazing that some people are actually in favor of this! Their praise for this policy is grossly deceptive by omission of several critical realities. All of their efforts to reach out and welcome illegal aliens are being done with our tax dollars! Illinois taxpayers have been saddled with a huge burden to provide health care, education and public aid for the millions of illegals inhabiting our state.

A recent study put the cost of health care, education and incarceration of illegals in Illinois at more than $3.5 billion annually. Rockford public schools spend more than $5 million a year providing bilingual education for the illegals’ children. Rockford now has the highest crime rate per capita in the state of Illinois, and there is very little doubt that an illegal who is arrested and granted bail will disappear and never answer to the charges against him.

Police officials here in Rockford tell us there are three Hispanic gangs battling for turf and dominance with each other, and with two black gangs already established here. The gang influence has turned these public schools into a violent blackboard jungle, even at the middle school level. More full-time police officers are being hired to patrol the halls, and the city is hoping to hire at least 50 more cops to cope with the burgeoning crime wave.

Crusader Clinic, which serves Rockford’s poor, wants $5 million to expand their prenatal services to meet the demand driven by the growing population of illegals. At all our local food pantries, the cupboards are bare.

The costs and negative effects of illegal immigration have reached their ugly tentacles into the lives of every taxpaying citizen in this state. Citizens of Illinois are so fed up and disgusted with our sanctuary policies that, for the first time in state history, there is a serious initiative to pass legislation for the recall of our governor, judges and elected officials.

The federal government did not fail to take action on immigration law. Comprehensive immigration reform was SOUNDLY DEFEATED, and that is a clear directive for all officials to enforce the current immigration laws at all levels and in all jurisdictions.

E.J. Pagel is a Minuteman and the media secretary for the Rockford Area Libertarians.

From the October 28-November 3, 2009 issue

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