This week in The Times: Brian Hansmeier

brian headshot-WVitals: Brian Hansmeier, 37, is originally from Roscoe, Ill. He graduated from Rockton Hononegah High School before attending both Rock Valley College and Blackhawk Technical School. Hansmeier is the owner of Executive Lawn Services, and recently opened Executive Wireless, a Cricket Cellular franchise.

1. If you could choose any elected official – local, state or national – to speak with one-on-one, who would it be, and what would you say? If I could speak with any elected official, it would be President Barack Obama (D). I would ask him to explain why we continue to deficit spend into the trillions, for starters. The rest of the conversation would probably be directly related to the economy.

2. If you were to move away from the Rock River Valley, what three things would you miss the most? I would miss my family, my neighbors, and the small-town feel of the local community.

3. Do you feel the Rockford Housing Authority’s proposed 2010 plan to enforce service rules mandating that all unemployed residents complete eight hours of community service per month will help or hurt Rockford, and why? I believe it will help Rockford. Community service, I would hope, would lead to greater self-esteem and greater community involvement, and possibly lead to a new career opportunity.

4. In your eyes, is the proposed intergovernmental agreement between Rockford and the state of Illinois to share the cost of making improvements to West State Street a wise investment? Why or why not? I believe that West State Street has long been neglected. Long term, I think it will be a good investment, if funding is available and a long-term plan for redevelopment is established and followed.

5. Question from last week’s “This week in The Times” participant Nick Smith: If you were elected President of the United States of America, what would your first executive order be? My first executive order would be to address fair trade as opposed to free trade. I believe this would encourage employers not to relocate to other countries, therefore creating long-term sustainable jobs in the U.S. and allowing us to compete globally.

“This week in The Times” is a weekly survey of people selected by The Rock River Times staff. The column does not accept unsolicited submissions.

From the October 28-November 3, 2009 issue

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