Dr. Julia’s Inn: Looking at your blood under a microscope

By Dr. Julia Whipkey-Michniewicz, N.D.

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

Every day in my office, I meet people who are not getting answers from their doctor. These new patients of mine confide in me that all they get is either another prescription or are told their symptoms are in their head. I love educating these new patients about diet, organs, systems, all through the power of the microscope.

In my office, I use what I call a nutritional microscope. It is used first as a tool to educate and gain insight to my patient’s nutritional status, but the microscope is an educational tool for that new patient. It helps me determine what type of nutritional supplements would be optimally correct for them, but it is an excellent tool to allow them to see just how healthy their blood is.

It is so interesting when new patients come into my office and see their own blood on my TV screen. Our blood is our life flowing through us. When my patients see their blood, they realize for the first time the need to take care of their health. I educate my patients about the terminology of blood, theories of diseases, looking at what is normal and what is not, showing my patients what are red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma, bacteria, fungus, virus, yeast, uric acid, high cholesterol, microbial activity, undigested foods, sugar crystals and so much more. This gives me valuable insights into their nutritional condition. I educate my new patients about the importance of understanding the body’s pH and what goes on in the blood with the body’s pH. I educate them that this is what healthy blood looks like and the kind of blood a healthy person should have flowing through their circulatory system. Then, we talk about the system.

The first system I educate my patients on is their lymphatic system. When going over the nutritional concerns while looking at the blood, the lymphatics parallel the blood flow. The blood and the lymph complete a circuit in the body. The live blood analysis gives my patients an insight as to what is happening in the blood and what is happening in the lymphatics. When I see a patient’s lymphatic system is struggling, it is nothing to find out that there are edema issues going on with the patient’s health. This is the opportunity for me to educate them about detoxes, exercise, lymphatic massage, ozone system bath, and so much more that they can do.

The next system I educate my new patient on is their colon. Seventy percent of your immune system is in your large intestine, and if your large intestine is full of fecal matter, mucus, bacteria, virus, yeast and undigested foods, then this is the health of your immune system. Look at all the auto-immune problems there are. Look at all the diabetes, the liver issues, the tiredness. This has everything to do with your large intestine. Why? Your colon is a tissue, and as a tissue, it touches your organs. If your colon tissue is dirty, then that tissue is dirty, and that tissue touches all tissues. It is a domino effect. You clean your colon—you clean the organs that the colon touches. It is that simple.

Red blood cells transport oxygen to the tissues of the body. Without oxygen, tissues go into a morbid state in which they survive on fermentation and not oxygenation. This is why cancer thrives, and this is why my ozone steam bath is so important. You can see oxygen-rich red blood cells, and you can also see red blood cells that are in need of oxygen.

Another condition that is often revealed is bacterial infection and viral activity. The red blood cells are misshaped by parasitic invasion. These conditions favor the growth of unhealthy organisms that survive in fungi, bacteria and viruses because of less oxygen, which then creates unhealthy tissues. Oxygenation is very critical, but a healthy diet is a must. The effects of avoiding certain foods to ward off ill health can be seen under the microscope. When you eat foods that your body cannot break down, this will cause illness. These food-induced illnesses are present in all foods called lectins. These lectins will cause RBCs to rouleau or stack. They will also cause RBCs to aggregate. When this happens, many symptoms can occur, such as fatigue, bloating, gas, headaches, heart palpitations, just to name a few.

In general, the foods that should give you energy are taking energy away from you. When you start to eat foods that your body can break down, this then allows you to get the needed energy and nutrition from your foods. This is how it is supposed to be. Most of us are eating foods to get energy, but in reality, the foods that we are eating are taking energy from us. By eating foods that we can break down, we can then absorb and assimilate our food to receive health and wellness. This health and wellness is our health insurance.

If you care to learn more about the importance of food and what foods you should be eating to give you health, wellness and wealth, please make an appointment and let me educate you by looking at your blood underneath my nutritional microscope.


I came to see Dr. Julia because I was so short-winded and out of breath. I could not get any answers from my doctor other than medications on top of more medications. With each additional medication, I was getting more tired, more out of breath and more winded. Dr. Julia showed me my blood underneath her nutritional microscope and showed me why I was so tired. We then did a colonic, and I went into her ozone chamber, and she then took another sample of my blood, and we looked at it again under the microscope. Within just two hours, I had more RBCs, and these RBCs were so healthy. It made me a believer in oxygen and colonics.”—Bill M.

I came to see Dr. Julia for weight loss. I had tried every imaginable diet, and nothing helped. Dr. Julia educated me on what foods I was allergic to which will cause weight issues and what foods to eat to give me energy. Along with her suggestions of food changes, I did colonics and cleanses. I feel great, lost the stubborn pounds that would not come off, but the energy that I have is unbelievable. God bless you, Dr. Julia, and all the good you do.

—Pam B.

Dr. Julia is a Naturopathic Doctor whose specialty is colon hydrotherapy. You can reach her in her Rockford office at (815) 962-3326 or see her story on how she treated her cancer naturally on her Web site at www.drjuliasinn.com.

From the November 4-10, 2009 issue

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