Sharia law is evil

Just imagine being accused of a crime, being sentenced without a trial, and then receiving the Sharia law death penalty! Sharia law means that Islamist (radicals) justice is swift. And if a woman is raped, she has brought shame on her husband and family. Also, if a teen-age girl gets pregnant without a husband, the same thing applies. They are buried up to their waist and then stoned to death. And I suppose that most everyone remembers the soccer game in Iraq. When it was halftime, two men dressed in black clothes and black turbans had escorted two men prisoners onto the playing field. Then, these men were forced to kneel, and off came their heads. It was a public example for Saddam Hussein, to put fear into the Iraqi citizens’ minds. Here is a bit of news: in Sweden, the word


is pronounced

But when it (Sautan) is retranslated back into English, his first name is Satan!

In the radical (extremist) world, their women are of no importance. And, according to their Islamist men, they can do whatever they want because they use the excuse of
it is Allah’s (or Mohammed’s) will that this be done!

Just lately, these extremist (jihadist) Islamists want the U.N. to condone their (evil) Sharia law in which it will allow these crazed men to kill Christians and Jews. This so-called
for the greater good

in their eyes and minds, is nothing less than their evil excuse for genocide!

Philip Wilson


From the November 4-10, 2009 issue

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