‘The Garden a Community Built’

I would like to thank the many people and organizations that helped the Mount Morris Community Garden, known as

The Prairie is My Garden,

come to fruition. Many thanks to those:

That provided the fertile field (Pinecrest Foundation),

That lent their horticulture expertise (U of Illinois Extension and Master Gardeners),

That provided the start-up funds (Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, Ogle Chapter),

That purchased the needed supplies, for

The garden a community built.

That broke the ground (a local farmer with a HUGE disc tractor),

That tilled the soil (Mr. Strite),

That crafted a sign (Dale Collins),

That raised the beds and spread the mulch (more than 20 volunteers) in

The garden a community built.

That designed the garden (Eric Sundvall),

That planted the seeds (many volunteers),

That staked the tomatoes and beans,

That tended to the flowers (Joan Sundvall) in

The garden a community built.

That provided the water (Village of Mt. Morris),

That was hauled to the field (Mt. Morris Fire Dept. and Gerry Hough),

That nourished the vegetables,

That grew and grew and GREW in

The garden a community built.

That loaned two picnic tables (Mt. Morris Park and Warren Long),

That provided rest for weary gardeners,

That picked baskets of vegetables (Donald, Sue, Chastity, Mary, Eric),

That was given to families at Loaves and Fish Food Pantry by the garden a community built!

With much thanks and gratitude,

Carol Erickson

A Prairie is My Garden

Mt. Morris Community Garden

From the November 4-10, 2009 issue

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