Letter from Max Muller

Hi Frank,

How long are we going to let the 39-year-old Baldwin Energy Complex in southern Illinois get away with its pollution?

I’m writing because you can help put this question where decision-makers can’t ignore it. Click here to help fund our new media campaign.

In November, we’re releasing a hard-hitting study that will cast a harsh spotlight on the Baldwin Complex, including its wildly outsized contribution to global warming. Built before Gerald Ford became president, the plant hasn’t taken action to cut global warming pollution — ever. Why? It’s never had to, because for eight years the Bush EPA failed to hold polluters accountable.

Worse, if things don’t change, the plant will keep pumping more climate-changing pollution into our skies with no end in sight.

Which is why we want to put the Baldwin Complex’s pollution on the evening news and in the morning headlines — just as the EPA and the U.S. Senate are reaching a decision point on the issue.

A bill in the Senate will promote clean energy, cap carbon pollution and help force coal-fired clunkers like Baldwin to clean up or make way for cleaner sources of power, like solar and wind. Proposed EPA regulations would have the same effect.

We know that the more people learn about coal-fired clunkers like the Baldwin Energy Complex, the more they understand why we need to repower Illinois with clean energy — and the more they want to know what we’re going to do about it. Help our media team get the word out. Please chip in whatever you can today.


Together, we can hold one of Illinois’ worst polluters to account, make a strong case for change, and help President Obama build the new clean energy economy of the future. Thanks for making it all possible.


Max Muller
Environment Illinois Program Director

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