After 41-21 drubbing, something has to give

By S.C. Zuba

Sports Columnist

The Bears have suffered yet another colossal defeat, this time a 41-21 drubbing at the hands of the Arizona Cardinals.

Similar to the Cincinnati Bengals debacle, the Cardinals scored early and often against the Bears.

On the Cardinals’ first possession of the game, the Bears had an opportunity to stop them on third-and-10, yet gave up a 23-yard pass—that was the beginning of the problems.

A few plays later, defensive tackle Tommie Harris was ejected from the game after punching Cardinals’ offensive tackle Deuce Lutui just 65 seconds into the game.

Things only got worse for the Bears. The Bears demonstrated no pass rush, no run defense, no pass defense—nothing. It was as if they came into the game completely unprepared. Enter Lovie Smith.

What do Smith and the rest of the coaching staff do all week if they are not preparing their players for the upcoming game? Certainly, they don’t teach their team discipline or how to react to on-the-field taunts. Tommie Harris, what exactly were you thinking?

“I don’t have a lot of reasons to give you on why we played that way,” Smith said. That vaguely ambiguous statement just about sums up Smith’s cookie-cutter post-game responses.

If Smith can’t identify the problem, then how will he fix the problem? Franchise-changing coaches like Bill Cowher and Mike Shanahan are available, and it would serve the Bears well to pursue one of these two coaches.

Smith still has two years and about $11 million left on his contract, and that is something the Bears could manage to eat.

The Bears will face the 49ers in San Francisco on Thursday night, Nov. 12, and you can bet Mike Singletary will come with a hungry defense ready to take on the weakened Bears.

The Bears are 4-4, and the playoffs are quickly slipping from their hands. There are so many questions and virtually no answers. This team needs help—offensively, defensively and in the coaching staff. Bears fans deserve a coaching staff that is not afraid to admit failure and will change the game plan at halftime if it is not working.

After a game like this, it is obvious to everyone that something has to give.

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From the November 11-17, 2009 issue

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