Dr. Julia’s Inn: Vaccination: Swine flu, autism, allergies, asthma

By Dr. Julia Whipkey-Michniewicz, N.D.

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

Every day that we are in the office, it is nothing for five to eight phone calls to come in daily with concerns about the swine flu vaccination. On average, 5 to 20 percent of the population in the United States gets the seasonal flu. More than 200,000 people are hospitalized from seasonal flu-related complications, and about 36,000 people die from seasonal flu-related causes. This, again, is seasonal flu, not swine flu. Some people, such as older people, young children, pregnant women, and people with certain health conditions, are at high risk for serious flu complications. Flu-related deaths can result from pneumonia and from exacerbations of cardiopulmonary conditions and other chronic diseases. Deaths of older adults account for more than 90 percent of deaths attributed to pneumonia and influenza.

With hospital visits and additional health care costs rising, this swine flu poses quite an economic expense. Recent estimates put the costs of normal seasonal flu in the U.S. at a whopping $71-$167 billion annually.

In the U.S., the flu is also responsible for:

Economic ramifications of millions of working days lost

Medicare reimbursements costing from $750 million to $1 billion

Millions of dollars of pharmaceutical products consumed

This economic burden is considerable in terms of health care costs, lost work days lost school days and social ramifications.

In short, the flu is not only hurting Americans physically but also economically. This flu is helping many people, also. Just think of that.

Four different antiviral medications are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the treatment and/or prevention of the flu:

Oseltamivir (Tamiflu®)—This causes kidney, heart and respiratory problems. Main side effect is nausea, vomiting and unusual behavior.

Zanamivir (Relenza®)—Wheezing, shortness of breath, serious breathing problems.

Amantadine (Symmetrel®)—Nausea, dizziness, insomnia, hallucination, depression, allergic reaction.

Rimantadine (Flumadine®)—(Watch out for these side effects.) Respiratory, cough, cardiovascular, cardiac failure, hypertension, gait abnormalities, edema, etc.

I do not know about you, but I will take my chances. I will get a colonic, build up my immune system, drink plenty of water, go to bed early and make homemade chicken soup.

28 Pregnant Women Have Died From Swine Flu, According to the CDC

THURSDAY, Oct. 1—Twenty-eight pregnant women in the United States have died from H1N1 swine flu as of the end of August, and 100 pregnant women have been hospitalized in intensive care, federal health officials said Thursday.

Dr. Julia’s Comments

My prayers go out to all the families that lost a loved one to the swine flu. However, to better understand the problem, let us build our immune system and ask some very important questions.

1. Did these pregnant women actually have the swine flu, or did they just have the common seasonal flu?

2. How healthy were their immune systems?

3. What were their levels of vitamin D?

4. What is the death rate on average of pregnant women from yearly seasonal flu viruses?

5. Did they have other chronic medical conditions along with being pregnant, such as high blood pressure, allergies, asthma, diabetes, etc.?

6. Why do the flu vaccines still contain the toxin thimerosal?

Now, let us look at how to lower your family’s incidence of colds and flus this winter. Let us talk about building your immune system, and this will then lower your probability of swine flu. Swine flu is truly no worse than seasonal flu. When your immune system is weakened, you will pick up a cold, a virus, a bacteria, and believe it or not, you will even pick up the good old flu bug. But according to the media, you will this year pick up the swine flu virus.

Let us just look at what is in a vaccination. This information is straight from the Web and a pharmaceutical manual. I just came back from participating in a conference on
Autism, Allergies, Asthma and Vaccinations.

Throughout the conference, every one of us shed a tear for believing in the lies that we were all told about vaccination. If a parent was to give their child every vaccination that we are told they need, by the time their child was 18 years of age, they will have had 64 vaccinations. Sixty-four vaccinations! Aren’t you mad about this??? We have the highest infant mortality rate in the world. Asthma, allergies and autism are off the charts.

So, what is in a vaccination? Here are just a few ingredients.

Aluminum hydroxide

Aluminum sulfate



Phenoxyethalol (this is antifreeze, people)



Animal tissues

Human diploid cells

(Source: http://www.vacinfo.org/ingre.jpg)

Every bug, bacteria, fungus, mold, virus and on and on will go to the large intestine to be removed. If it cannot be removed, it will harbor and grow and hurt our immune system. Seventy percent of our immune system is in our large intestine. This is why I believe in colonics, probiotics and all of the natural immune builders. Before you ever think of having a flu shot or any other shot, think what is in that injection. Build your immune system through healthy eating habits, detoxes, colon hydrotherapy, drinking purified water, exercising, plenty of rest, plenty of sun, high vitamin D levels and good, old chicken soup.

Please feel free to swing by my office to read the story about how the medical community tried to bully my son into a meningitis shot. Stay and have a cup of tea and see just what are in these shots. The lies, the deceit. How sad. Know your laws, for there is no mandatory vaccination.

Dr. Julia Whipkey-Michniewicz lives in Rockford, and is the owner and operator of Dr. Julia’s Inn. Please feel free to contact her at (815) 962-3326 or go to her Web page at www.drjuliasinn.com.

From the November 11-17, 2009 issue

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