Keep your house fresh on game day

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Having friends over for a football party can create some interesting chaos in your house. Keeping everything clean—and smelling good—might be a challenge.

But for Olivia Manning, mom of two superstar quarterbacks and wife of a former NFL star, keeping a house fresh before, during and after the party is simple using the following game plan:

Prepare good food in advance—well before kickoff—so you can also enjoy the game. For the biggest games—like the Super Bowl—make sure your menu is simple, but hearty. Your fans will need plenty of energy to cheer throughout the game and potential overtimes. When preparing the menu, also think about cleanup. Serve foods that don’t require washing a lot of dishes or that can get messy when eaten in front of the TV.

Teamwork is important on the field, and it is a must when tailgating. Make sure everyone brings something, but keep the menu varied and simple. Fried chicken, popcorn, finger sandwiches and some New Orleans marinated shrimp are favorites at the Manning parties.

Tackle the odors before they overwhelm your fans. If your biggest fan insists on wearing the same shirt, socks, underwear or some other piece of clothing all season long and forbids you to wash it, make sure that lucky item doesn’t spoil the party. Spray the offending garment with Febreze Sport, in either Cool Energy or Active Fresh scents, to eliminate the sweaty body odor. Febreze products eliminate odors, leaving behind a fresh, clean scent.

Keep your home fresh for the “fifth” quarter and into the following week by refreshing your furniture with Febreze Fabric Refresher. This will help eliminate the stale food odors so that your couch and chairs are fresh and ready for the next game.

Visit throughout the NFL season for freshness game plans from the experts, including Olivia Manning. And visit to sign up for a chance to win four tickets to Super Bowl XLIV in south Florida Feb. 7, 2010.

And make sure your house is the place to be on game day—organized, fresh and ready for kickoff..

From the November 11-17, 2009 issue

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