To the Editor: Mega-dairy is bad for farmers and environment

Yes, the proposed mega-dairy nuisance goes to trial in November. Proponents say this is good for ag, and good for the county. I suggest 43 acres of raw sewage leaking 40,000 gallons/day (their engineer) isn’t good for anyone. A


that puts farmers out of business (mega-dairy downstate has displaced more than 10 dairy families), increases local poverty (Ikerdt studies), decreases home values by 50-90 percent) Appraisal Journal); while polluting air, wells, and streams (six documented discharges so far), is no
development at all.

Further, the deliberate lawlessness of its siting (karst, creeks, laws broken and ignored) illuminates those who consider themselves and their actions above the law; just more corruption in Illinois. A healthful environment and our county’s future are worth fighting for! Hooray for those who stand up for future generations! We go to trial in November.

Ken Turner

Warren, Ill.

From the November 11-17, 2009 issue

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