No flags to remember veterans

I write this letter on Veterans’ Day with a very heavy heart. I have my current TRRT opened to Stanley Campbell’s column. It is keeping me from using angry words and insults. (Stanley, I hope you know how much I respect you.)

I’m also thinking of my father, a 13-year veteran as a radioman in the U.S. Navy. An American citizen who, on this day, did not want to visit my dad at the cemetery.

So, after thanking my boyfriend for his service to

country, I thought it would be great for me to take some flowers (in my father’s memory) to my local VFW and thank all the veterans for their service.

In doing so, I was very disheartened when I could not find an American flag for sale to put in the flower arrangement, which I had made at a prominent grocer. Not there, not at the local

drug store, not even at the famous card shop. Plenty of Santa hats, though. Settling for what I had, I did my deed. Along the way, I noticed no one displaying a flag on their homes. Nowhere! (Except for the banks.) Are we too busy and ungrateful for jobs we have? Not to think of those who are sacrificing their lives just to have a job? Or for a better reason,


I say this because the veteran next to me, as I sat the flowers on the bar, asked,
You know what ‘Navy’ stands for?

I responded,
Oh, God, what?

He said,
Never Again Volunteer Yourself.

I’m still wondering if it was a veteran’s joke, or could this be the truth?

Thank the Vet, Not the War

Karen Grass


From the November 25-December 1, 2009 issue

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