Time we start cracking down on several things

I went shopping today. It was raining, and to my surprise, no cops out. There were cars everywhere without headlights on. No tickets being given out. There were cars going down the street with parking lights on. No one had told them parking lights are for parking, not driving. No tickets being given for that, either. What I want to know is, why not? Are the police in this town afraid to get wet?

I went shopping today. I went down Forest Hills Road. Guess what? Not a cop in sight, and cars were going 50 mph and faster. The speed limit is 40. All I hear is about how the town doesn’t have enough money for anything. One time I heard we had a million dollars out in unpaid tickets. Indigent, they said. Well, if that is so, why do they have enough money to have a car and get insurance?

It is time we start cracking down on several things. Lights on when raining and dusky weather, speeding, illegal turns. That is good enough for a start?

Beverly Davies


From the November 25-December 1, 2009 issue

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