Bears proving to be pathetic excuse for a pro football team

By S.C. Zuba

Sports Columnist

After an unbelievably disappointing 4-7 start, the Chicago Bears are left looking for answers.

Their most recent 36-10 loss to the Brett Favre-driven Minnesota Vikings was one of the most lopsided defeats in recent memory.

One number that sticks in my mind after this loss is “two.” The Bears gained 2 yards of total offense in the second half. Two.

On behalf of Bear Nation, let me ask this question: How is that even possible?

How is a professional football team held to only 2 yards in one half of football? The answer to that question is beyond me.

The stats say it all.

The Vikings had 31 first downs. The Bears had eight. The Vikings were 12-18 on third down. The Bears were 2-8.

And one of the most shocking stats from this pathetic excuse for a professional football game was the time of possession. The Bears held the ball for 19:05 while the Vikings held the ball for 40:55. The Bears’ defense was on the field for twice as long as the Vikings’ defense, and the Vikings still managed to out-sack the Bears 4-1.

The Vikings out-gained the Bears 537 yards to 169 yards—that stat says it all. This game was never close.

Brad Childress out-coached Lovie Smith. Favre out-played Jay Cutler. The Vikings’ defense made the Bears’ offense look like a Division II college team.

Murphy’s Law, which states anything that can go wrong will go wrong, was in full effect Sunday, Nov. 29.

So, where can Bears’ followers look for answers? Beats me. Smith certainly doesn’t have them. All we can do is wait.

Things look grim for the Bears as this team is aging at a faster rate than the Vikings were putting up points. To make matters worse, there are no young players waiting in the shadows to fill the spots of the aging players. There aren’t even any draft picks for the Bears to build with because the Bears sent our first-round pick to Denver in the Cutler deal, and then the second-round-pick to Tampa Bay for the draft bust known as Gaines Adams.

When does baseball season start?

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From the December 2-8, 2009 issue

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