Anyone know the status of wheelchair basketball in our area?

By Doug Halberstadt

Sports Columnist

I received a message on my Facebook wall this past week inquiring about why I don’t write about wheelchair basketball. I was informed, “It is a sport!”

My response is simple, I would be happy to write a story about any local wheelchair basketball team if I had some information about them.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a little deficient when it comes to knowing all there is to know about wheelchair basketball. I personally don’t know anyone who plays the sport, and I’m not even sure if an organized team still exists in our area.

The only thing I claim to know is there used to be a team called the Rockford Chariots. I’m not sure if they are still in existence.

I remember seeing the Chariots play an exhibition game during On The Waterfront each year, or maybe it was at the Gus Macker tournament? My memory has gotten a little less reliable as the years go by.

I don’t recall seeing them recently. Did I miss them? Do they belong to an organized league? When are their games? How long is their season? Where do they play? If I had those answers, I would definitely write a story about them.

I know as a journalist, I’m supposed to ferret out all of those answers. I could offer several excuses why I haven’t taken the time to do so. I don’t want to bore you with those. Instead, what I would like is for someone who reads this column and happens to know all, or even some of those answers, or knows of someone who does, to contact me at my e-mail address and bring me up-to-the-minute on the current status of wheelchair basketball in our community. I would greatly appreciate the help.

If I get a response, who knows, maybe next week I’ll be able to write a story about what’s currently happening with that sport in this column. I’m afraid if I don’t, I might get another nasty message on my Facebook wall. Heaven knows, I don’t need any more of those.

Doug Halberstadt can be reached via e-mail at

From the December 9-15, 2009 issue

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