To The Editor: ‘Climategate’ & global warming hoax

Where is the news coverage about Climategate

? It is the story of the century! Any newspaper that withholds info is an accomplice. News about

has broken out into mainstream! Fox News reported on it, Rush Limbaugh reported it yesterday. Alex Jones broke the story on the radio and Internet last week! Don’t suppress the truth about Mad New World Order scientists being caught in cooking the climate books to manipulate the world into believing there is a scary global warming problem! It is the hoax of the century!

There are over 31,000 scientists that have disagreed with Al Gore and told the world that there is not a global warming crisis! Yet, Al Gore has said that all scientists agree with him. Not only are they cooking the books, but also are doing underhanded things to manipulate the weather by spraying the atmosphere with toxic chemicals. They are geo-engineering the weather and are committing aerosol crimes. It is better known as

and we are paying for the poison!

All global warming info coming from the political New World Order Globalists’ camp is (has been) a huge lie! They have engineered a phony CO2 problem. The purpose of Cap and Trade is to put a global tax on carbon dioxide (CO2) to fund the New World Order/U.N. But only the U.S. and Europe are being taxed! If the phony Cap and Trade bill passes, this tax will fund the New World Order and bring down our Constitution and Bill of Rights. NWO will not go broke; we bail them out and they raise our taxes!

The Copenhagen climate summit Dec. 9, Obama is knowingly going to continue down the NWO’s path of lies and commit the U.S. to cut emissions by 17 percent on the way to 80 percent by mid-century. If the fake Cap and Trade passes, we are going to pay a tax to NWO for breathing, and if we have a dog, there’s a tax for it, too! If the U.N. gets this phony carbon tax, then they’ve taken the NWO to a whole new level.

From what I understand, Obama is already invested in a carbon credit company. Al Gore is going to be a multi-billionaire from this scam! Carol Browner, Obama’s assistant for energy and climate change, cited a $173-per-year cost for a family of four. The true estimate is probably more like $4,000, and we are being lied to again about ALL the costs to ourselves and our country! This will only further devastate our country. We need to stop the Copenhagen summit and the Cap and Trade bill, call our Senators, or speak with senior staffers (not the receptionist), expose, investigate, and bring to justice all involved in

! Stop the tyranny! Vote for a third-party candidate and get rid of all Republicrats supporting NWO agendas!

Deborah Chabucos

Machesney Park

From the Dec. 9-15, 2009 issue

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