To the Editor: Five reasons for a vegan Christmas feast

This year, I’m dreaming of a green Christmas—where animals aren’t abused, the environment isn’t polluted, and people are healthy and light. Here are five reasons to have a vegan feast instead of eating animal flesh this Christmas:

1. ‘Tis the season for peace and goodwill. Only a Grinch would cram animals into filthy cages or sheds, mutilate them, and dismember them while they’re still conscious—routine abuses in the meat industry.

2. Meat production causes climate change: If you don’t want a dirty lump of coal in your stocking, choose green foods—vegan ones.

3. Who wants a heart attack for the holidays? If you’d rather spend your time on the ice rink than in the emergency room, pile your plate with healthy vegan versions of traditional favorites.

4. Vegans tend to weigh less than meat eaters. You don’t want to get too fat to fit down the chimney if you’re playing Santa.

5. Versatile vegan foods generally cost less than meat. We could all use more money to spend stuffing our stockings, rather than our faces.

If you’re yearning for a green Christmas, too, see for festive recipes and product suggestions.

Heather Moore

Research Specialist

People for Ethical Treatment of Animals

Norfolk, Va.

From the Dec. 16-22, 2009 issue

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