Brett Favre no longer ‘The Beloved’ to all Packers fans

By Doug Halberstadt

Sports Columnist

Over the recent holiday, I had the opportunity to go behind enemy lines. I traveled north and crossed the cheddar curtain. It is the first time I’ve visited with the family and friends who live up there since Brett Favre became a member of the Minnesota Vikings.

My, how times have changed. The man who they once thought walked on water was no longer “The Beloved.” As a matter of fact, instead of walking on water, I think they would have preferred him to be sinking in quicksand. The love that was once so ubiquitous for the man from Kiln, Miss., has somehow mysteriously disappeared from Dodgeville, Wis.

“I hope the Bears kill him.” “It’s all about Brett, all the time.” “He thinks he’s running the team.” Those were just a few of the repeatable things mentioned by his former admirers. There were a multitude of other things said that aren’t really suitable for print in a polite society.

I quickly capitalized on the moment. As a true Packers hater, I felt it necessary to try to get in a little dig or two of my own. I immediately pointed out how ironic it would be if Favre could lead the Vikings deep into the playoffs this year and possibly even win the Super Bowl. They didn’t think that was as funny as I did. In the words of a national hamburger franchise, “I was loving it!”

Then, to add a little more icing to their already frosted Christmas cookies, I suggested Favre should then finally retire for real and go into the Hall of Fame as a Viking instead of a Packer. Man, all of a sudden it got awfully cold in that room. The icy glares I received were as prevalent as all of the green-and-gold items positioned throughout the house.

Needless to say, I was no longer the most popular guest at this party. I quickly realized it was the perfect time for me to wish everyone a Happy New Year and return to the safety of the flat land.

Next year, I think it might be a wise decision for me to celebrate the holidays a little closer to home.

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From the Dec. 30, 2009 – Jan. 5, 2010 issue

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