To the Editor: UL300 standard is a reasonable safety measure

UL300 standard is a

reasonable safety measure

After reading the article regarding the Rockford City Council requesting a delay of the Jan. 1, 2010, implementation of the State of Illinois Fire Marshal administrative directive that existing restaurant hood fire suppression comply with UL300, I felt that there needed to be some clarification.

Despite what the article states, the current UL300 standard is not new, but rather has been around for 15 years. In fact, in new commercial restaurant applications, these types of systems are the only ones allowed to be installed. During those 15 years, many insurance companies have been in the forefront of requiring their insured to bring their existing suppression systems up to the standard. This is not an attack on a business, but rather a safety issue. The old standard allowed a

chemical system, which was discovered does not contain and/or extinguish fires in today’s high-efficiency fryers. The loss from an uncontrolled fire can be catastrophic, including the entire loss of the business. UL300-compliant systems not only control these fires better, but when activated require less clean-up time for the business owner.

Also, this new administrative directive has been out for over a year. This has given affected people plenty of time to plan for compliance. In almost all cases, a UL300 fire suppression system costs significantly less than the
tens of thousands of dollars

mentioned in the article.

This is a regulation that is long overdue. While I agree it is dubious that the state gave itself an additional year to comply, people tend to not trust government because they often see those serving in it as misinformed individuals who grandstand without a complete basic understanding of the issue.

Tim Taylor

Sales and Service Technician

ABC Fire & Safety, Inc.

Beloit, Wis.

From the Dec. 30, 2009 – Jan. 5, 2010 issue

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