Yoga Rockford: Transitioning… continuing… becoming

By Jennie Williford

Pranayama Yoga Studio

The New Year is right around the corner, and 2010 holds many changes for me and Pranayama Yoga Studio. I’ve changed the schedule to a series of eight-week sessions instead of continuous classes. There will be a Free Week of Yoga between each session to continue to introduce the practice of yoga to the Rockford community. And, after being sole owner of the studio for one year, I have made the decision to become sole teacher as well.

This decision to become sole teacher has challenged my own vision for the studio. I am inspired to move forward with the space as an extension of me as a teacher and me as a student.

The subject of yoga is bigger than any teacher or student. As a teacher of yoga, I am not here to impart “my knowledge,” but am charged with the task of passing along the ancient knowledge that has been carried on through the ages. My teaching must develop out of my practice as a student, because it is through personal practice that true understanding of the subject comes. Through my own body, I am able to experiment and discover all the beauty that yoga has to offer to mind and spirit, ultimately giving me the strength and opportunity to pass that knowledge on to my students.

Transitioning to the eight-week session calendar allows me as a teacher to bring maximum benefit to the student. Sessions provide cohesion and sequence and offer opportunity for the student to commit to regular practice over a short term. Week by week, we are able to build upon and delve more deeply into the subject, gaining information to inspire our individual practice, and confidence to take that knowledge out of the classroom and into our lives.

Continuing on my own with Pranayama Yoga Studio, I strive to bring the fullest yoga experience to all students. Iyengar Yoga, my chosen lineage, is a path steeped in tradition and reverence, and I seek to impart all the sweetness and depth that it has to offer. From the philosophy of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali to the detailed precision of posture and alignment, Iyengar Yoga strives to make the entire subject of yoga practical and available to any one at any stage of life and level of practice. In my personal practice, I’ve seen how the awareness brought about by the practices of yoga supports continuing self-improvement and ongoing evolution.

Becoming a yoga student, practitioner, teacher and studio owner over the past 11 years has been my personal process of evolution. Many challenging opportunities and wonderful blessings have come to me through this great practice, and it is my sincere wish to share them all with you.

2010 approaches, and we cannot ignore the energy of transition and change that always comes with the dawn of a New Year. We all experience this process of transition in one way or another as we travel our chosen paths. May yoga provide us with the tools to continue with strength and awareness, and bring joy to our becoming in each and every moment.

Please join me at Pranayama Yoga Studio the week of Jan. 4, 2010, for the beginning of our first session!

For more information about Pranayama Yoga Studio, visit or call (815) 968-9642.

From the Dec. 30, 2009 – Jan. 5, 2010 issue

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