Guest Column: Be careful what you ask for

By Daniel Sears

Let’s see where the Barmore situation is. The police were tipped that a person wanted on a warrant was in a particular area. They recognized the suspect, and he disappeared into a day care center (church?), where civilians and small children were present (churches were not meant as havens for known criminals, they are for religious and political relief). Otherwise, we could let all the wife beaters, robbers, murderers and dope pushers hang out at the church, and we could do away with the need for jails, or maybe even police departments.

The officers had been advised the suspect might be armed with a knife? Should they have waited until the suspect had physically harmed someone’s small child, or Ms. or Mrs. Brown? Or taken the whole center hostage? Now, what do the Browns of this community want? All hell would break loose, because the police did not do their job? Didn’t Mr. Barmore have a record of trying to disarm an officer before? What specifically do the Browns want? At least Ms. and Mrs. Brown could have had their testimonies consistent, agreed to speak to the state police…and, what is more important…a trip to visit a relative (even if it is your mother) or pursuing justice, as you so loudly proclaim! You knew all along that the grand jury would be convening!

Perhaps all the supposed witnesses will demand a polygraph to determine who is being factual and who is fantasizing. Yep, and then mules will fly!

If the raging mob feels the police are against them (I recall Officer [Kevin] Rice was killed while trying to protect society), and a female officer was shot in the head (while sitting in her squad car in a parking lot), let’s try this system of protection. We will pull all police patrols off the streets in the area west of the river, south of Riverside, north of the Harrison bypass and west to the city limit. Anyone in this area who wants one will be issued a weapon of their choice, and they can decide for themselves what needs to be done. This system will also allow more police protection in other areas of the city, where it is respected and wanted.

Let’s face it, that is a stupid reaction, but isn’t the existing get the man reaction about the same?

I think the article in the Sept. 19 issue of the Register Star by Dyanna Chandler sums up the whole situation. Where did Mr. Barmore’s tragedy begin? At home, with the discipline and self-respect his parents and family failed to instill in him! I hope Ms. Chandler will not be vilified for her intelligent appraisal of this type of situation.

Daniel Sears is a resident of Roscoe.

From the Jan. 6-12, 2010 issue

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