Guest Column: Reflexology for those hurting feet

By Karla Fernet

Healthy Balance Reflexology

Reflexology works to eliminate toxins in the body, reduce stress and increase circulation. This enables your body to heal itself of many health issues. Reflexology also helps those hurting feet.

Reflexology is a great therapy to use for heel spurs, planter fasciitis and other foot issues.

Planter fasciitis and heel spurs are caused by inflammation in the arch of the foot. Inflammation causes pulling in the foot, resulting in pain.

Reflexology will help to remove inflammation, pain and tightness in the feet, as well as the whole body. We usually see quick recovery. Many of our clients who have been dealing with this pain for years get great results right away. They report having no further pain after only a couple of treatments.

Reflexology also helps aching feet. We see many clients who say their feet always ache. Most report the aching stops sometimes after only one treatment.

Reflexology also helps bunions, hammer toes and other foot issues. These issues take longer to correct, and need ongoing treatment for a longer length of time.

You can give the gift of Reflexology this year. You can purchase gift certificates in our clinic at 6053 Fincham Drive Rockford, or on our Web site at

Karla Fernet is a certified reflexologist and the owner of Healthy Balance Reflexology, 6053 Fincham Drive, Rockford (behind Kohl’s at Mulford and State).

From the Jan. 6-12, 2010 issue

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