To The Editor: Week of Jan. 13-19, 2010

Mega-dairy: short-term gain for long-term pain?

The late Philip Rieff has noted
[t]hat the propertied classes, their lawyers and editorial writers, are self-interested, which is not the same as conservative.

Similarly, there is seldom anything remotely conservative about anything labeling itself

This is particularly the case when it comes to
Traditions Investments, LLC,

the actual title of the proposed mega-dairy deemed viable by Judge Ward. Despite whatever images that readily come to mind regarding
the countryside,

acres of manure-filled lagoons and warehouses filled with large mammals could hardly be thought of as bucolic. Yet, this is the imagery the livestock industry trades in and feeds its

audiences. Or if red barns and happy cows grazing in green pastures doesn’t cut it, high-tech showcases are offered, highlighting the advances industrial agriculture has made—dutifully ignoring the growing safety and health concerns that seem to be part and parcel of ever-larger operations.

Worse, perhaps, is how so many local civic and business leaders—often one and the same!—sign off on permitting such obvious detriments to their communities. Clandestine investors? Ego enhancements? Short-term gain for long-term pain? Rieff has also commented that our culture is
constituted by its endless transitionality,

and our leaders
have learned to want it that way.

Unfortunately, even Warren and Nora’s self-styled elites, perhaps Mr. Bos’
strangest of bedfellows,

will have nowhere to run when their neighbor’s limited liability enterprise

their little utopian dreams of progress and profit into dystopian twin nightmares of aquifer contamination and even worse rural blight.

John P. Jankowski

Stockton, Ill.

Help CASA help the children

As this year’s holiday season comes on us, it is well to remember that according to the Nov. 29, 2009, online issue of The New York Times, 21 percent of Ogle County’s children are receiving food aid from the federal government’s food stamp program, as are 22 percent of Carroll County’s children and 10 percent of Lee County’s children. These figures have grown over time with the use of food stamps for Ogle County’s families, for instance, having grown by 37 percent since 2007.

What this means is that the families and the children of the 15th Judicial Circuit CASA (15JCC) are under increasing employment and financial stress. At the same time, the 15JCC also finds itself under increasing financial stress as the organizations that have funded much of our work with abused and neglected children have found themselves with declining revenues with which to help us. As a result, the public fund-raising activities of the 15JCC have become more important than ever to our work. Without the public’s generous support of our fund-raisers, the 15JCC would have to curtail much of its work, assuming it were able to survive over any length of time.

That our work is important to the well-being of the children in the three-county areas is reflected in the number of children that the Juvenile Courts of the three counties have asked CASA for assistance with. As of September, five CASA volunteer advocates in Carroll County were serving 16 children, 17 volunteer advocates were assisting 58 children in Lee County, and another 20 volunteer advocates were working with 50 children in Ogle County. These advocates have given well more than 200 hours of service time and driven well more than 2,000 miles in the course of their work. If the readers of this article can assist us with our work with abused and neglected children either as an advocate, a friend of CASA, or with funding, please feel free to call Trisha Morrow, at 1-815-288-1901. May everyone enjoy a happy and secure holiday season.

Lyle Sykora

CASA Board Member

15th Judicial Circuit

Dixon, Ill.

The U.S.A. thrown to the wolves

One day, I was watching the Fox News channel, No. 41. Mr. Glenn Beck and two other men were discussing President Obama’s trip to the environmental meeting in Copenhagen Dec. 13,  2009. They said:
This summit meeting will turn into a peace treaty. We will lose our constitutional rights.

And according to Glenn Beck,
we will become a Marxist, socialistic country!

Well, for once in my lifetime, I’m inclined to agree with these Republicans. Because President Barack Obama (D) has been meeting many foreign dignitaries, and he was also nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. But President Obama has been giving corporate welfare to the rich. So, what will happen when our currency becomes worthless because this free money has come to an end? Our nation will become bankrupt! But out of our enhanced desperation will come a possible new hope for us to join the European Union (the one-world government). Then, this new hope will turn into a nightmare! Because we will soon discover that the

(Nazis), Germans are in control of this large superpower (the EU) and that their

government will take away everyone’s freedoms!

Philip J. Wilson


From the Jan. 13-19, 2010 issue.

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