To the Editor: Notify IEPA of gas odor problem

I’m writing to give the public an update on the investigation into the garbage-like odors in southern Winnebago County. The Illinois EPA (IEPA) is investigating the odor problem. The odors were particularly strong the week of January 10th. If you notice the odors, please report them to the IEPA by phone at (815) 987-7760 or online at If you stop reporting, the IEPA may think the problem has been solved. When reporting the odors, please note: 1) Date; 2) Time; 3) Location; and 4) Severity, impact on your quality of life. Some people report that the odors make them nauseous or wake them up at night. According to the IEPA, our two local landfills, the Winnebago Landfill and the Veolia landfill in Ogle County, are installing permanent and/or temporary gas collection devices to help control gas emissions. These upgrades are not necessarily in response to complaints about the recent odors, but these upgrades may help resolve the odor problem. Please contact the IEPA with your complaints, and not the landfills, so the IEPA can do a thorough investigation, as the landfills may not be the only source for the odors. Thank you.

Paul Gorski


From the Jan. 20-26, 2010 issue

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