What’s Local: Logan Family Counseling takes unique approach to therapy

By Jim Hagerty

Staff Writer

Ask a group of people why they enjoy where they live, and you’ll get a variety of answers. Ask why they like their jobs, the responses will be even more assorted. For one local business owner, living and working in the Rockford area offers an array of positive elements.

Julie Logan, of Logan Family Counseling, loves Rockford for its attractions and the diversity of people. An Oregon, Ill., native, Logan is a former nurse who returned to school to be a family counselor, graduating in 2002. She and husband Michael run the business together, and find Rockford even more comfortable and rewarding than life in a small town.

“People are friendlier here,” Logan said. “You hear about all of the bad stuff in Rockford, but I try to focus on the good. We are comfortable here and feel this is our calling.”

Michael has been a family counselor since 1991.

Unlike some therapists, the Logans take a unique approach to counseling, most notably in Julie’s work. In what some would label a slightly unconventional roadmap to self-healing, Logan incorporates visual art into her work. What sets her apart is she doesn’t create the work. Logan’s clients are the artists. It’s not uncommon for her to assign collages, paintings—even three-dimensional work—for clients to complete. Each serves as a tool in grieving, coping and rebuilding their lives.

In today’s world, emotional and psychological roadblocks tend to serve as wrenches in the CPU microcosm, where problems can be solved with the click of a computer mouse. If immediate solutions aren’t available, dilemmas are often indefinitely quarantined.

“Nothing is sacred,” Logan said. “Our society is shame-based.”

Logan’s practice comes with a sense of introspection that parallels her affinity for the Rockford area. She never engages clients in exercises or sessions she hasn’t completed herself or has endured personally.

“To be a good therapist,” Logan said, “you have to be willing to go on the emotional ride with clients. My job requires self-healing. I see a therapist. Too many (therapists) in the field are detached.”

Logan Family Counseling specializes in an array of services. Julie’s expertise lies in marital and family issues, coping, grieving and life changes. Michael is a local authority on anger management and addiction issues.

The firm is at 7124 Windsor Lakes Parkway, Loves Park, and can be reached at (815) 484-0946. Michael Logan can be found online at www.askmikethecounselor2.com.

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From the Jan. 20-26, 2010 issue

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