This week in The Times: Keddrick Collins

Vitals: Keddrick Collins, 32, is a Rockford native, but has spent time living and working throughout most of Illinois. He recently opened Not to be Flexxed With Productions, a music production company focused on attracting, promoting and growing Rockford’s hip hop scene.

1. If you could choose any elected official – local, state or national – to speak with one-on-one, who would it be and what would you say? I’d speak with Mayor Larry Morrissey (I). The reason I’d like to speak with him is because I have some ideas that I feel could help Rockford’s west side. For instance, I think we should put an attraction on that side of town that would increase the foot and vehicle traffic, which would make the area safer.

2. If you were to move away from the Rock River Valley, what three things would you miss the most? I would miss the people, the entire environment of the area, and I’d miss my family most of all.

3. What motivated you to start your production company? I started at the age of 9. I lived near a lot of the music production industry in Dallas. I come from a very musically-inclined family. And, I’ve been involved in musical events since I was a kid with talent shows and things like that. I’m more interested in the production side of things at this point. Now, I feel like I could take in an artist and help bring out the best in them. Plus, I just love music.

4. In your opinion, what could the city of Rockford do to help revitalize its west side? Like I mentioned above, they should put an attraction that will drive more people over there. They should open up something for the kids over there, like an arcade or something that will engage them in the new technologies that will run the world forever. They could open up a kid’s eyes to a new future they had never considered.

5. Question from last week’s “This week in The Times” participant, Ann Honer: What not-for-profit organizations do you support and why? I haven’t chosen a not-for-profit group to support yet because I haven’t really found a group I identify with. However, I feel strongly about helping Rockford’s homeless because of the hopelessness they must feel. I’d like to take this opportunity to send my gratitude and respect to all those helping the homeless in our area.

“This week in The Times” is a weekly survey of people selected by The Rock River Times staff. The column does not accept unsolicited submissions.

From the Jan. 27-Feb. 2, 2010 issue

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