To the Editor: Andrzejewski, Lowery and Hughes are best choices

Jan. 5, Chicago Tribune reported that all five Democrat candidates for the U.S. Senate seat support

a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

On the Republican ballot, Congressman Mark Kirk was one of only eight Republicans voting for CAP & TRADE, a disastrous legislation for Illinoisans. One of Kirk’s largest contributors, Exelon, will benefit from Cap & Trade—not you—your utility bills will

(as candidate Obama frankly admitted on the campaign trail, until he decided to keep mum).

Republicans Dan Lowery and Patrick Hughes lead the field of U.S. Senate candidates, and Judge Lowery has credentials on our abused state and national constitutions. For Illinois Governor, Adam Andrzejewski (An-Gee-EFF-Ski) is so clean, he squeaks. His plan for state audits sounds dull, but will save the state millions, and can be implemented by a governor, whereas tax cuts cannot. John Cabello opposes Dave Winters, who served us well, but squired Mark Kirk around the state last November.

Jane Carrell


From the Jan. 27-Feb. 2, 2010 issue

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