To the Editor: Taxpayers are ‘mean-spirited harpooners’

Back in 2006, there was a group of


as opposed to those living off of the civilians that Mr. Webster referred to in TRRT’s Jan. 20-26 edition. [
Webster: ‘Mean-spirited’ people trying to ‘harpoon’ me

by Stuart R. Wahlin] These

who live near Mr. Webster’s residence had a problem with the special-use permit that he and his colleagues passed on as approved. The Township trustees, Zoning Board of Appeals, et al., did not approve of Cannell’s special-use permit.

We looked to our county board representative for help. He was on the Zoning Committee of the county board and led the Republican Caucus. We hoped he would help. He didn’t. The county board passed it, and Mr. Webster never even ensured that the three hours of ZBA testimony was heard. He was there. He will not be forgotten by this “little core group of local residents.” He calls Rockton, Roscoe and South Beloit residents



because we called him on NOT representing US. What did we do that was so bad? We campaigned for his opponent. Webster lost—now that is mean spirited. This same group of bitter and ornery people decided to bring a lawsuit against the county board, and we won.

During and prior to this special-use permit blunder, Mr. Webster was called about the use of a gravel pit on the land in question being used to burn trees and debris. He did nothing while the local residents suffered under four months of smoke from three major fires to get rid of the debris. Then, when we


made enough noise, Cannell stopped burning the debris. He just kept dumping until there was about 75,000 cubic yards, which were then buried. Webster and the county board, the EPA or the Health Department did nothing. Mr. Webster could have pressed the issue, but that would have jeopardized his standing with those people he didn’t represent but controlled his actions. We face this same incompetence locally as we do nationally and in the state. We need to get all the good ol’ boys out and get representation for the people. We strongly recommend a

vote for Yeske on Election Day.

Richard Ott


From the Jan. 27-Feb. 2, 2010 issue

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