Bears shaping up for Band-Aid season in 2010

By S.C. Zuba
Sports Columnist

In the past two weeks, the Chicago Bears have made significant coaching staff moves, but have these moves strengthened or weakened the Bears? Feb. 1, the Bears hired former Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Mike Martz, and last week the team promoted Rod Marinelli from defensive line coach to defensive coordinator.On behalf of Bears Nation, I would like to ask: What? Marinelli’s claim to fame was that if there was one thing he knew about football, it was the defensive line. After being fired from Detroit (for coaching the NFL’s first-ever 0-16 team) he was hired by the Bears and vowed to completely revamp the defensive line. After Marinelli’s first season with the Bears, the defensive line ranked 13th in league with 35 sacks. In 2008, the Bearsranked 22nd in league with 28 sacks, which means there was improvement, but not much. After a so-so season with the defensive line, Marinelli gets promoted to defensive coordinator. Again, let me ask, what? It is certainly plausible that Marinelli was promoted simply because no one else around the league wanted this position. It’s no surprise the Bears’ defense simply isn’t what it used to be, but the fact that Marinelli is our best option as coordinator is not only shocking, it’s downright scary.

This team is going nowhere-and fast.

My prediction: The Bears finish the 2010 season around .500, give or take a game. At the conclusion of the season, the Bears fire Lovie Smith, Jerry Angelo (like they should have done this offseason, but it was too expensive.), Marinelli andMartz. Then, after they hire a completely new coaching staff, Jay  Cutler will be working with his fourth offensive coordinator in as many years. That is not a recipe for success, if you ask me. This season is shaping up to be what I would call a Band-Aid season. The coaching staff is a joke, the offensive and defensive line is a joke, and it is seems as though the Bears are just waiting for the next season (2011) to begin competing again. The Bears have announced they have no real plans to pursue any big-name free agents this offseason because they are comfortable -and believe they can win -with the group of guys they have now. Haven’t we all heard that one before?

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From the Feb. 10-16, 2010 issue

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