Literary Hook: A Valentine’s tribute ‘for whom I write these poems’

By Christine Swanberg

Author and Poet

Valentine’s Day is here. You would think that a poet would write lots of love poetry, but actually, I tend not to write romantic poetry. Instead, I gravitate toward writing poems praising various ìmythologicalî people. I guess you could call this poem a love poem. It is to the people for whom I write. It was inspired at the chiropractor’s office. I was thinking about how hopeful we are regarding our healing and moving forward with our lives, despite evidence to the contrary. I let the poem have a life of its own, leading me somewhere I didn’t expect to go. So, happy Valentine’s Day, you.

You’re the One

You sit in the chiropractor’s office waiting

to have your spine straightened and


You’re here because so many forces

have conspired to bring about your misalignment:

your first fall from the big Schwinn,

the accident which sent you rolling in a

cornfield,a lifetime of improper lifting,

the extra weight garnered slowly

to make up for the large girth of losses

the middle-aged mind readily conjures

before it begins its great journey of forgetting.

Perhaps you have had no luck with established therapies and wish to ward off intentional wounds, your scars already knit from misappropriated cruelties, snares, and scrapes collected on this blue, imperfect planet. Yet here you are, hopeful in your glorious misalignment, still eager for healing heading forward, reading a recipe you might just try for dinner. Misaligned or not, you stay the course, despite the urn of mistakes sitting on your mantel. My dear Mislocated, Misconstrued, Misshapened, Mismanaged, and Mischievous, it’s You. You’re the one for whom I write these poems. This poem was first published in Louisville Review and again in a chapbook created

by the Neville Public Museum (Green Bay, Wis.).

Christine Swanberg is a local author and poet.

From the Feb. 10-16, 2010 issue

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  • Feb 12, 2010 at 3:26 pm

    I thought this column was supposed to be about all things ‘literary’, such as book signings, local authors making good, writers’ forums and workshops, etc. But I see now that it ~~ just like The Writer’s Garrett ~~ has become nothing but a platform for Chrissie Swanberg and her cache of poems from the past 20 years or more. Yes, she is a wonderful poetess, but where are all the articles and various tidbits that would be helpful to the many other writers here in the stateline area? Please, let’s get the ‘literary’ back into Literary Hook…and then keep it there in the future!

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