To the Editor: This vote didn’t count!

I just returned from taking my Mother to vote. Today is her 80th birthday, and it is snowing, but voting is important to her. She has been an election judge in the past, and voting is revered in our family. Her ballot jammed in the scanner, and the scanner was opened, and her ballot fed on through. Unfortunately, her ballot was not counted. The election judges checked and double checked the voter total, the touch voting machine, and those still voting or waiting to put their ballots through the scanner and verified that her ballot was not counted. The election judge called Margie Mullins’ office and reported back to us that she was sorry, but the ballot could not be counted. I told her to get them back on the phone, that I wanted to talk to them. The clerk told me that no, the ballot would not be counted. I said that she should be given another ballot to vote, and he laughed. I commented that oh, it was only voting, so he found it funny? He replied that he wasn’t laughing, he was chuckling. I’m not sure what the difference is between laughing and chuckling, but I don’t think the situation was any degree of funny. The idea that a voter can be turned away from a polling place knowing their ballot was not counted is unacceptable and appalling. A predicted small voter turnout? It just became even smaller. By one. That we know of….

Rogene Hamilton

From the Feb. 17-23, 2010 issue

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