To the Editor: Wild animal rehabbers needed

Hello. My name is Kathy Bode. My husband and I have been volunteer Native Species wildlife parents for over 20 years. We have Illinois Conservation Department permits and are a five-county/24-hour/seven-day hotline for questions and problems with local wildlife. At our little rehab house here  in Cherry Valley, we deal with orphaned and injured squirrels, rabbits, opossums, woodchucks, and especially raccoons. Other area rehabbers help birds, deer, and various other wild species native to Illinois.

I am looking for new volunteers to train in the rescue and raising of wild animals that need help—or to assist current rehabbers in other ways. We also need sites—private property in Illinois, close to the Rockford area, where healthy animals can be released back into the “wild” once they are old enough to be free. The property needs to be no-hunting, away from busy streets and subdivisions, have a natural water source and trees, and be owned by people willing to backup feed through the first winter.

Living in harmony with your wild neighbor critters should be everyone’s goal. I encourage people to leave your local area wildlife alone—unless they are being aggressive, destructive, or are in trouble—then YOU NEED TO CALL A VOLUNTEER WILDLIFE REHABBER FOR ASSISTANCE! (Animal Control, shelters and most vets have our numbers.) It is against the law for the public to trap or keep wildlife without training and a permit.

I would also love to hear from other wildlife lovers. Please send your name and number to me, and I will call you. Thanks. Kathy Bode, P.O. Box 53, Cherry Valley, IL 61016.

Kathy Bode
Cherry Valley

From the Feb. 17-23, 2010 issue

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