Northern Illinois Medical Group offers natural alternatives to treat autism

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According to TACA (Talk About Curing Autism) and the CDC, 1 in every 91 children in the United States has autism, and a new case of autism is diagnosed every 20 minutes.

As staggering as those numbers may be, the sobering reality is that too many families live with this diagnosis and try their best to manage the disorder instead of treating it. Today, autism is not a fate to simply accept, because with proper intervention and improved treatment options, hope is not out of reach.

Northern Illinois Medical Group (NIMG) and Dr. Ronald Masukawa offer real, life-changing, natural alternatives for treating autism utilizing the best in integrative functional medicine.

As the demand has risen to find a cure for autism and more work is being done in the medical field to assist families with children with autism, NIMG is ahead of the curve. They have expanded on-site services for pediatrics focused on childhood development disorders such as autism, as well as adding additional space to accommodate new treatment modalities. NIMG is also the only local medical clinic with a trained practitioner in the Defeat Autism Now! (D.A.N.!) protocol.

Dr. Masukawa (chiropractic physician/certified acupuncturist) with NIMG views the treatment of autism optimistically. “If cancer is curable, but we have not yet found a cure, why not autism?” asks Dr. Masukawa.

As a trained practitioner in the D.A.N.! protocol, Dr. Masukawa treats and counsels families who suffer from autism. Health practitioners who are trained in D.A.N.! protocol believe environmental factors—including unprecedented exposure to toxic substances and over-vaccination of infants and young children—are key factors, making autism a whole-body illness. With the CDC acknowledging environmental factors as a possibility in their press briefing on the Autism Surveillance Summary, the D.A.N.! approach may be the better alternative to psychotropic drugs (medication capable of affecting the mind, emotions and behavior).

It is no secret that causation and treatment for autism has gained both controversy and skepticism in the media and the field of medicine. But when it comes to treatment, one must assess the risks versus the benefits when weighing his or her options.

“The problem with autism,” says Dr. Masukawa, “is that people are too reliant on medication—they only depend on the medication to do the work.”

There are other things to consider, such as diet, educational therapies, supplements and Chelation Therapy—the detection and treatment of an overload of heavy metals in the body. At times, medicine can amplify the problems or simply manage flare-ups.

NIMG provides a multi-disciplinary approach to natural and alternative medicine therapies. Visit their expanded offices to see all the new services they offer, such as family, marriage and stress management counseling and diagnostic testing for environmental toxins (heavy metals, solvents and pesticides). Call (815) 397-8500 for an appointment or visit them on the Web at

From the Feb. 24-Mar. 2, 2010 issue

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