Upper cervical chiropractic received in Italy by diplomats, medical professionals

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For decades, upper cervical chiropractors stood alone, isolated by the lack of knowledge and acceptance by the chiropractic profession and isolation from one another. Today, everything is changing! Leaders in upper cervical chiropractic are joining a band of advocates to authenticate research about the power of upper cervical.

James and Rhonda Tomasi, of the non-profit organization Upper Cervical Advocates, have been in Italy observing history being made. James was invited to speak at the grand opening of Italy’s first upper cervical office in Rome. With more than 230 attendees, chairs were brought in and people stood against the wall at the event. Dr. Ray Drury, upper cervical doctor from Charlotte, N.C., introduced Dr. Stephen Conicello, as the Rome Upper Cervical specialist. Also attending were doctors from four other upper cervical techniques—Blair, Orthospinology, NUCCA and Kale. Five patients spoke about the life-changing power of upper cervical. James shared his story of relief from trigeminal neuralgia through upper cervical care.

Several medical doctors expressed thanks afterward for bringing upper cervical care to Italy. They promised to refer many of their patients to Dr. Conicello, and have already begun to do so. His practice quadrupled last week, with more than 50 more still on the books, and unregistered patients signing up each day.

Why is this beautiful? It is a joint effort between medical and chiropractic doctors to bring health and wellness to the people of Italy. We did not hear one medical doctor ask to learn upper cervical; we did, however, see them listening intently to the explanation of the science, and then compassionately sign themselves or family members up for care. It is wonderful to see upper cervical accepted by professionals in other countries.

This is not the first case of upper cervical collaborations with the medical community. Dr. Roger Hinson, an orthospinology practitioner, was invited by a hospital in China to attend the critical care patients there as well as the foreign diplomats, several years ago. Then, two medical doctors supported NUCCA on the blood pressure research project produced at Rush University. Now, Dr. Pino Marceca, Nationale Surgeon General of Italia Health, has put his stamp of approval on upper cervical in Italy. It was his influence that encouraged Dr. Drury, president of Upper Cervical Health Care of America, to open offices in Italy. Dr. Marceca wants to provide upper cervical care all over Europe. His best friend, Polizia Chief of Roma, and personal friends had their lives changed. He made the case clear to the medical profession in Italy explaining that the specialists of upper cervical chiropractic could get results in some cases that other chiropractors in Europe had not achieved. He then explained that upper cervical specialists graduate as chiropractors, but then have years of specialized training just like the medical specialists in Europe. His understanding of the need for X-rays was essential in the establishment of upper cervical care in Rome.

Dr. Philip Schalow, upper cervical NUCCA practitioner in Rockford, says, “It is a victory for the Hippocratic oath to see health care practitioners all over the world seeing the value in working together for the good of the community.”

For more information about upper cervical health care in Rockford, see www.myrockfordchiropractor.com.

From the Mar. 3-9, 2010 issue

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