Guest Column: Why are more people trying natural therapies?

By Karla Fernet
Healthy Balance Reflexology

In the past, many people have only considered conventional medicine for every type of health issue. We are now seeing more people willing to try some form of natural therapies.

What is causing people to be curious enough to try something new? A common reason is that people know a friend or loved one who has tried some form of natural therapy and has passed on a testimony that it worked for their health conditions.

Another popular reason is that once someone has been faced with a prognosis of surgery, he or she will search for any other possibilities. Some attend a health fair or natural health presentation and decide to take advantage of a complimentary session of some form of natural therapy. Others say they chose to try a natural therapy because they have no health insurance or have extremely low income.

We see people every day who fit into one of these categories. Many come into our clinic skeptical, but willing to give reflexology a try for the first time. People are pleasantly surprised at how good the therapy feels. Many people start to smile, let out a big sigh and close their eyes.

Reflexology is a natural therapy that is safe to use all the time. Reflexology can be very effective right after a heart attack, stroke or even major surgery. It doesn’t interfere with any other therapy or treatments.

Reflexology helps the body by removing stress from the body, removing toxins and increasing circulation. Reflexology has been known to help the body heal much faster, and is also effective in reducing pain throughout the body. So, the next time someone you trust tells you what reflexology has done for their health issues, maybe you should try it for yourself and form your own opinion based on results.

I get to see many people have their health restored, and that is exciting to me. People may initially come for all different reasons, but there is only one reason why they keep coming back—because it works.

Healthy Balance Reflexology Clinic is located behind Kohl’s at 6053 Fincham Drive in Rockford. Contact us at (815) 519-4977 or visit our Web site at

Karla Fernet is a certified reflexologist and the owner of Healthy Balance Reflexology, 6053 Fincham Drive, Rockford (behind Kohl’s at Mulford and State).

From the Mar. 10-16, 2010 issue

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