NCAA should replicate March madness with football tournament

By S.C. Zuba
Sports Columnist

Well, ladies and gentlemen, March Madness is here.

The 65-team field is set, the match-ups are complete, and it is all about to get started.

The NCAA Tournament is a sports spectacle unlike anything else in sports. For roughly three weeks, the best college basketball teams in the nation compete for one goal: to beat out the field and take a National Championship home to their school.

Now, what these teams did during the regular season means nothing—it is anyone’s tournaments. From the lowly teams like Robert Morris and Montana, to the usual powerhouses like Duke and Kentucky, all are equal in March Madness.

Remember the Cinderella story of Davidson College led by Stephen Curry in 2008?

March Madness is simply an exciting time for sports. Friends, co-workers and acquaintances fill out brackets and compete against each other to see who can predict how the field will play out.

That is precisely the reason why college football needs a playoff system. This same excitement can be experienced during football season if the BCS gets it together.

The Sugar Bowl? The Tostitos Bowl? The Rose Bowl? What does any of that mean? Give me a playoff bracket, and let the teams decide who the best is. It is the only way to get a true national champion. Obviously, the field would need to be smaller, but it could be just as exciting as March Madness.

Think of powerhouse SEC teams like Florida and Alabama squaring off in the semifinals of a playoff bracket. So much would be on the line—you can’t buy that type of excitement in sports.

The NFL has playoffs, the NBA has playoffs, the MLB has playoffs, the NHL has playoffs, college basketball has playoffs—so why doesn’t college football?

This is just the humble opinion of a sports columnist, but I am willing to bet I can find millions of people who agree with me. I want a real national champion in college football.

From the March 17-23, 2010 issue

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