To the Editor: Thinking bigger

  Many of the biggest stars have refused to perform at our Rockford MetroCentre because it’s simply just too small. And twice, our city planners have come to the Metro Authority’s rescue using the taxpayers’ collective money. Plus, our city leaders had to obtain the balance with borrowed bonds. But these MetroCentre authorities had approached our city council for a co-signing of another $2.5 million. But I believe that these people are still thinking too small. Because it’s not the size (of the MetroCentre) that counts. It’s how you use it! (There’s no pun intended.) But why can’t these performances be telecast nationwide? Well, it can be if there’s a television linkup that’s received by our Comcast cablevision provider. Just think about it: if 1 million subscribers are willing to pay $18.50 monthly. And this would generate $222 million yearly. Wow! And who says thinking bigger isn’t better?

                   Philip J. Wilson


From the March 17-23, 2010 issue

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