To the Editor: Different views on two columns

  Your newspaper is a great value for the price. Seriously, I enjoy it.

  In the March 17-23 issue, there was an editorial by Frank Schier, “Deer-in-the-headlights of a chance” about his attendance and the results of a meeting on the Gensler property issue. Although I know little about this, I still got a lot from the editorial.

  I frequently disagree with Frank. He’s a little too “green” for me. Anyway, what he wrote was very informative.

  I mention this because the Guest Column by John Russell Ghrist was just the opposite. It was almost 100 percent whining…. a closed society, I lost my job, no one will hire me, I’m too old, etc. I can’t recall reading a more whiny “oh poor me” piece anywhere, on any subject. Mr. Ghrist needs to get a life, and your newspaper needs to select its guest columnists with more care. That was maybe the worst column I ever saw in your otherwise fine publication.

                   Richard Gribbins

                             Polo, Ill.

From the March 24-30, 2010 issue

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