Local alternative to Tea: Coffee Party USA holds inaugural meeting

March 31, 2010

The inaugural meeting of the Rockford chapter of the Coffee Party USA took place at Katie's Cup coffee house in downtown Rockford Saturday, March 27. Photo provided

From press release

The inaugural meeting of the Rockford chapter of the Coffee Party USA took place at Katie’s Cup coffee house in downtown Rockford Saturday, March 27.

Organized by local residents who do not view government as an enemy of the people, but instead as a vehicle for the citizenry’s collective will, and as a way to give a voice to those Americans who desire to see cooperation in government to create positive solutions, the Rockford chapter of the national Coffee Party met to discuss national politics, the heated rhetoric of today’s political atmosphere, and the absence of any real civil political discourse.

“To have sitting senators tell their constituents—in what is just the third month of this year—that they’ll refuse to work with their political opponents for the rest of the year is completely unsatisfactory,” said the chapter’s local media coordinator, Del Wasso, in reference to recent comments from U.S. Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.). “The American people expect better…the American people DESERVE better. The Rockford Coffee Party represents citizens in our state’s 14th and 16th Congressional districts, and we will not tolerate a government that does not respond to the people governed.”

Initially organized by documentary filmmaker Annabel Park as an online Facebook political discussion group, the Coffee Party USA has grown to having more than 150,000 Internet members in just a mere three months, and has stepped out of the virtual world into the real one.

The local Rockford chapter resolved to meet again in early April to discuss the planned stop in Rockford by the conservative Tea Party Express, political firebrand Sarah Palin’s planned appearance in May at the Rosemont Theatre, and the National Coffee Party’s planned “Coffee with Congress” initiative—an attempt to sit down with local representatives over coffee to persuade them to work with their political opposition, rather than against them.

“‘No’ isn’t a domestic policy,” said Wasso. “It’s the lack of one.”

For more information about the Coffee Party USA, go online to http://www.coffeepartyusa.com/, or e-mail the local chapter at RockfordCPM@aol.com.

From the March 31-April 6, 2010 issue

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