To the Editor: Believe it or not

April 7, 2010

  There are some people who are lighting candles and making offerings according to the Old Testament laws. Plus, some will even adorn their necks with crucifixes, showing Jesus still upon the cross. But according to the New Testament, Jesus’ blood was the final offering (or libation) for everyone as a “propitiation (forgiveness) of our sins.”  Jesus was the last sacrifice for mankind. And God has said, “Whatever I have told them not to do, this they do!” (To the contrary) Also, we Americans are considered free thinkers. But why can’t these different religious faiths agree upon the same basic principles? Because they have handed down from one generation to another, what to believe or not to believe! This is why the diversified religions, including all the political parties, cannot or will not agree upon anything. And this is why our country is so divided!

                   Philip J. Wilson


From the April 7-13, 2010 issue

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  1. emma wiggins

    July 28, 2010 at 1:27 pm

    i’m a rockfordian, of 43yrs. , and i was thinking , rockford has so many newspapers, the this, the that,,,, how hard would it be for the rrtimes to , go to magazine form ?????,,, a nice front cover,,, jazz it up a bit ,,, the paper is “”DREERY “”",,,,, so all that , info. in magazine form , will be , more readable, and get , some ,opinions , from , young folk , this will make them want to read , the comments and things that pertain to their age group ,,,, it is just a suggestion ,,, and if you want me to do an article, or two, here and then again, i will be glad to ,,, i would do articles, like topics like ,,, class reunions,, dancing barefoot ,, fun stuff,,, fashion, even though i’m not fashionable , i can still do it ,,, politics, “” youth views “”"”, on future politics,,,,,,, this will be , more interest in the paper,,,,,,,,, emma 7 28 10 , wednesday,,,,

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