Spring ArtScene April 16-17

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The Eighth Annual Spring ArtScene, which features work by local artists at 46 area venues, will run from 5 to 9 p.m., Friday, April 16, and from 3 to 9 p.m., Saturday, April 17. Admission is free, and exhibits offer a variety of media, including watercolor, acrylic, wood, sculpture, pottery, jewelry, photography and multi-media.

For more information, contact the Rockford Area Arts Council, which coordinates the event, at 713 E. State St., Rockford, by phone at (815) 963-6765 or online at www.artsforeveryone.com.

Following is the list of venues and featured artists. The number before the venue corresponds to the numbers on the downtown and metro maps on page B4.

2010 Spring ArtScene venues

1. A Movable Feast, 1641 N. Alpine Road, (815) 227-0102—An exhibit of recent works contrasting Wilma Stout’s abstract acrylics with Barbara McNamara’s soft depictions of birds and flowers.

2. Altamore Ristorante, 1432 N. Main St., (815) 968-5555—Showcasing Toni Cacciatore’s “Rosignano Marittimo” (10 feet by 3 feet) oil on canvas painting commissioned by Alberto Altamore, and Toni’s collection of watercolors on paper. Also on display, sculptor Michael “Cody” Janes’ beautiful Italian marble pieces, Lana Ewing’s dazzling jewelry art and Karla Clark’s collection of unique paper art.

The 69th Young Artist Show: Youth Division remains on display at Rockford Art Museum during ArtScene. Pictured is "There's Only One You," by Nello Cellitti. Image of artwork provided

3. Artspace West Gallery, 1426 N. Main St., (815) 963-1984—“Get in the Game…Art’s a TEAM Sport!” An eclectic mix of works in abstracts, mixed media, metal sculpture, art to wear, glass, origami and more. Gary Hartsfield, H. Edward Riddle, Kurt Gessner, Maria McKinney, Ray Schulz and others. Special appearance and book signing from 5 to 8 p.m., Friday, April 16, by Mary Ann Presman, local celebrity and co-author of CURSE? There Ain’t No Stinking Chicago Cub Curse.

4. Atmosphere Nails.Hair, 129 S. Phelps Ave. (Building 5, Suite 511), (815) 985-0684—“Creations by a Hare”: Adrienne Hare exhibits a whimsical collection of paintings, drawings and photography.

5. Bennie’s Cleaners, 126 N. First St., (815) 964-3070—“Divine Diversity”: Featured works by Julie Ekstam, Marsha Goodheart, Ann Johnson, Gordy Johnson, Pam Kehoe-Peterson, Norm Knott, Cindy Linnaberry, Tom Linden, Jennie Manetta, Paula Marsh, John McNamara, Megan Michaels, Scott Mount, Sue Mount, Nora Nelson, Carolyn Repka, Una Ryan, Dee and Bruce Santorini, Barb Santucci, Jeff Swanberg, Wanie Reeverts, Ulla Olson, Jana and Leah Mueller, Karen Gines, Walnut Hulling and Carlie Wedige.

6. Best Western Clock Tower Resort & Conference Center, 7801 E. State St., (815) 398-6000—“It’s Time…An Art Show at the Clock Tower”: An exhibit highlighting photography, oils, watercolors, sculpture and more. Featuring the works of famed photographer David Olson and numerous local Rockford artists, including Chuck and Christy Clark.

7. Beth Ann Weis Salon & Spa, 4108 Morsay Drive, (815) 387-2700—An exhibition of silk screen on canvas and apparel by Javier Jimenez, owner of Saturated Threads; Christian Benitez, acrylic on canvas “The Day of the Dead,” and Alan Mauries, “The Day of the Dead.”

8. Carpenter’s Place, 1149 Railroad Ave., (815) 964-4105—“My World”: Michael Wertz’s passion for photography and keen sense of color and light were stimulated to capture beauty and unique design in unexpected places during his years of being homeless. A variety of artwork by men and women who are currently homeless will also be on display.

9. The Carriage Barn, 1332 Harlem Blvd., (815) 633-1785—“The Carriage Barn Presents…”: Lisa Layng Carter, figurative sculptures; Virginia Hatwich, ceramic sculpture and pottery; Kate Joyce, photography; Jeff Lightcap, original furniture design; Una Ryan, fiber/mixed media; and Philip Soosloff, mixed media relief sculptures.

10. Cholke / dCapri Photography & Fine Art Gallery, 2211 E. State St., (815) 226-9398—“Real and Make Believe”: An assemblage of photography, mixed media, abstracts and unique jewelry by Bob Cholke, Debra Capriola and some close friends.

11. Church Street Gallery, 835 N. Church St., (815) 961-8265—“Spring Serendipity by Eight Create”: An exhibit of paintings by eight senior women! Their works include oils, acrylics, watercolors, collage and mixed media from subjects ranging from floral to fauna and realism to abstract. Featured artists include Barbara Burns, Dolores Cascio, Dolores Dummer, Jeannette Fay, Mercedes Gyorkos, Jan Johnson, Diane Muender and Millie Pearson. They are all members of “Studio Artists” studying with Christy Andres at the Rockford Art Museum.

12. Clabough Photography, 136 N. First St., (815) 962-4776—“Impressionistic Style”: An exhibit featuring impressionistic style photography by Tom Clabough.

13. Coronado Corner Gift Shop, 324 N. Main St., (815) 399-0324—“Spring Forth Revisited”: Karen Vaughn Harding displays new radiant watercolor paintings and upholstered furniture.

14. Deborah Newton Studio, 130 N. Second St., (815) 962-1476—“Silver Lining”: A dozen or more 2-foot-by-2-foot original paintings by Deborah Newton celebrating the “Silver Lining” (behind every cloud)…plus large canvases.

15. DiTullio’s Italian Market & Café, 2207 E. State St., (815) 399-2080—“New Work”: An exhibit featuring photography by Paul Burkholder.

16. Emmanuel Lutheran Celebration Gallery, 920 Third Ave., (815) 978-3438—“People of the Book”: Mixed media exhibit celebrates the written word and the people who inspire us—whether they are historical or fictional—from the books we read. Exhibiting artists were asked to reflect on language, poetry, religious stories, and literature in creating pieces for the exhibit. Performances by Jim Roberts’ Poets of the Spirit, Terri Hotek-Hoffman and Mark Hoffman and Tom Mac.

17. Erlander Home Museum, 404 S. Third St., (815) 963-5559—“Mary & Borgholm Revisited”: Several members of the Borgholm 7 who exhibited last autumn at The Vida in Borgholm will be on display. Featured artists include Betsy Youngquist, Karen Harding and Roland Poska.

18. Franchesco’s Ristorante, 7128 Spring Creek Road, (815) 229-0800—“Franchesco’s and the Arts”: Featuring four unique artists, three of whom are making their exhibiting debut at Spring ArtScene: Alan Franseen of Seen Images, landscape photography from the Midwest to the Southwest; Joe Mongan, metalscapes for the garden and art for the home; Nick Goellner, drawing and painting; and Karla Lombardo, works in mixed media.

19. Furgi’s Stained Glass, 2331 23rd St., (815) 397-4216—“An American Garden”: Artist Robert Furgason exhibits stained glass panels framed in mahogany.

20. Irish Rose Saloon, 519 E. State St., (815) 964-0480—“GreenScene & Destinations”: Robert Warren’s “Destinations” is a collection of student photography, video and sculpture inspired by locations around the world and filmed in part at the Irish Rose Saloon. “GreenScene” includes a collection of sculptural work created for the first Green Ball by Montessori Green Community Kids. Original prints, sculpture and paintings by artists Corey Hagberg and Kathryn Martin.

21. JustGoods, 201 Seventh St., (815) 965-8903—“Words and Time”: Showcasing a collection of digital art created using hand-written words by Rockford artist Kyle Wolfe and 3-D art by DianeTepper and others.

22. Katie’s Cup, 502 Seventh St., (815) 964-8280, ext. 10—“Katie’s Cup of Art”: Works by Barry Reithmeier, digital art on metallic photographic paper; Debra Mayer, versatile paintings; Heather Miller, realistic paintings; Joyce Bietau-Rieken, realistic paintings; Juli Garton, recycled album cover totes; Kevin Richards, mixed media oil abstracts; Peggy Hutton, recycled mixed media pieces, collages, jewelry; Ray Schulz, landscape pastel paintings and Stephanie Nordlin-Snow, dyed scarves, pillows, purses and fiber art.

23. Kortman Gallery at J.R. Kortman Center for Design, 107 N. Main St., (815) 968-0123—“50 Parts: MMX…Photo Essay by Valerie Olafson”: Valerie returns to the discussion of “mMMm Beauty” defining beauty for the 21st century.

24. Kryptonite Bar, 308 W. State St., (815) 965-0931—“You Are Your Art”: featuring works by Joe Goral, Jason Ommodt, Annie Rudolph, Laurence Barr, Shawn Peterson, Mario Martinez, Mandy Warhol and Peter Goral.

25. Mimi’s Wine, Art & Gifts, 621 S. Perryville Road, (815) 399-9463—“Mimi & Friends”: Featured artists include “Mimi” Sandra Brown, watercolor; Wanie Reeverts, watercolor; Barbara Santucci, mixed-media; Kay Kentner, acrylic; Kathryn Kemp, mosaic; Roger Foster, wood turner; June Hibbert, painted glass; Robbie Martin, signature stoneware and Kyle Wolfe, digital. Enjoy complementary wine tasting from 6 to 8 p.m., Friday, and browse expanded gift selections.

26. Montessori Learning Path (MLP), 417 Market St., (815) 962-6548—“Back to the Beginning”: Multi-media exhibit commemorates MLP’s 25th anniversary. Individual works and group projects completed by 3- to 6-year-old students will be displayed. Local artists collaborated with the children to complete pieces, including the newest masterpiece, “World of the Sunflower.” Artists include Alex Blair, Warren Glass, Liadan Gray, Kaitlyn Hardy, Ellie Hornbach, Ronan Murray, Nate Marian, L. Phoenix Pavez, Bella Phommachanh, Sanchali Pothuru, Vaughn Schroeder, Sofi Teske, Alyssa Trapp, Elizabeth Walker and Cooper Watt.

27. Nest & Swank Boutique & Gallery, 218 & 218 1/2 E. State St., (815) 979-6263—“Introducing…”: Exhibit featuring photography by Tom Valiulis, recycled/re-purposed art by Roxxi Recycles. See the fun and funky new boutique and gallery!

28. North Main Studios, 2500 N. Main St., (815) 963-8183—“North Main Studio and Creative & Performing Arts Alumni Art Exhibit”: Featured artists include John Lamar, Evan Thomas, Ron Clevenger, Axel Cruz, Jon Wenger, Dana Haynes, Andrew Stewart, Graham Thomas and Mike Mantavon.

29. Octane InterLounge, 124 N. Main St., (815) 965-4012—“Native Son”: Nathan Jalani Taylor returns to his hometown of Rockford for his debut solo art show! Nathan’s work is bold and passionate, depicting spiritual themes of overcoming adversity with faith and love. He is a graduate of Auburn C.A.P.A. program and is a working artist in New York, currently showing at DuSable Museum of African-American History. See Nathan paint LIVE during Spring ArtScene!

30. The Office, 513 E. State St., (815) 965-0344—“Spring Flowers”: Artist Madge Gulley depicts her spirituality with harmony and tranquility. She hopes to share with the viewer “the tremendous joy she feels when working with the vibrant lush colors and graceful forms that our Creator so generously spreads before us.”

31. Parkside Professional Building, 5812 East Drive, (815) 980-2166—“The Art of Wellness”: will appeal to your senses through touch, smell, wine tasting, discovering herbs and experiencing paintings that promote healing. Featuring the new works of Jeanne Coe, Americana of Cora Hutchison, Food 4 Life by Julie and Scott Burfoot, jewelry by Toni Cacciatore and garden art by Shirley.

32. Pearl, 6876 Spring Creek Road, (815) 654-3400—“Rock Valley College (RVC) Student & Faculty Art Exhibition”: A group exhibition of RVC painting and printmaking students and Art Department faculty members.

33. Perfect Frame, 6450 E. Riverside Blvd., (815) 654-8500—“Perfect Expressions ‘10’”: Featuring canvas paintings by Chad McClain, Michael Bellotti and Todd Lorenc; mixed media paintings by Jeff Quist; digital art by Nikki Robinson; watercolor paintings by Bonnie Minard; handmade jewelry by Pat Eichman; and textile art by Brandon Pair.

34. Pilates by Kelly, 119 N. Madison St., upper loft, (815) 262-3434—“Outside Looking In”: An exhibit featuring Kelly Fuca, Pilates studio owner and newly self-discovered artist who articulates feeling and emotion through abstractly, flowing brush strokes; Terry Anderson, a painter suffering from the life-long addiction of “art fear” when, on the cusp of a hard-to-swallow birthday, a muse entered her dreams, challenging her to pick up her artist tools, asking, “What could it possibly hurt?”

35. Pirate Ninja Print Shop, 400 E. State St., second/third floor, (815) 979-3743—“Peg Legs and Rum Pie”: Hungry for something other than food? Pirate Ninja Print Shop will host a buffet of art on two floors! Join the gang of Jarrod Hennis, Cari Ann Wayman, Tim Atwell, Isaac Velasco, Jay Schaul, Gregory Lang, Sarah Daniel Stewart, Javier Jimenez and Corey Hagberg for mind-blowing skills and collaboration.

36. Poska, 2213 E. State St., (815) 316-2979—“The Great Human Race”: Stop in during Spring ArtScene and pick up your invitation for The Fourth of July “Great Human Race—Bringing People Together on State and Main” celebration.

37. Possessions @ Highcrest Centre, 1642 N. Alpine Road, (815) 399-9190—“Art Relief”: Unique art featuring the photography of Melissa Marsden, from locations around the world and fun/functional hand-built pottery; Raymond Schulz, impressionist-inspired landscapes of the Midwest in solf pastels; Katherine Kolls, contemporary jewelry designs; and Berry Reithmeir, digital art.

38. Prairie Street Brewhouse, 200 Prairie St., (815) 708-8868—“Art at the Brewhouse”: Wallblank.com and Ted Simmering present a group exhibit of new artwork by Teresa Schwiesow, Charles Jones, Mark John Hoffman, Ted Simmering, Nancy McManus Olson, Steve Stender, Roni Golan, Salem Barker, Kevin McLaughlin, Stuart Roddy, Maya Simmons, Tabatha Dougherty, Leslie Arbetman, Timothy Hawley, Cris Willey and Ryan Davis. Unique feature: A new series from James Barany infusing video/animation media with Victorian era-toys.

39. Prairie Street Brewhouse, The ELEMENT Rockford, 200 Prairie St., (815) 519-2121—“Art: Fresh Air”: The Prairie Street Brewhouse, The ELEMENT Rockford and the Rockford Art Guild present painting, drawing, jewelry, sculpture, ceramics and digital art by Barbara Berney, Vicki Crone, Chuck Gregory, Sarah Hernandez, Jennifer Hillistad, Libby James, Julie Kennelly, Karolyn Kentner, Sandy Larson, Debra Mayer, Susan Meyer, Jane Peterson, Mary Rosandich, Art Sinden, Ken Staaf, Sherry Viktora, Dana Haynes, Paul Pinzarrone, Craig Samuelson, and Lutheran High School art students. Music by Mike Donze and Dan Voll, Dave Pederson and more.

40. RAW ART 2, 622 St. Louis Ave.—“Meet Me on St. Louis”: An exhibit of functional and non-functional, organic metal sculpture in Russ Blahnik’s gallery.

41. Rockford Area Arts Council, 713 E. State St., (815) 963-6765—“All that Glitters is GOLD”: The Japanese in the 16th and 17th century developed a ceramic technique called RAKU. Years of chemical and ceramic testing have produced a brilliant, stable gold glaze—Jim and Shawn Barbagallo successfully took silver and converted it into gold. Open Saturday only—see a live demonstration from noon to 4 p.m.

42. Rockford Art Museum, 711 N. Main St., (815) 968-2787—“2010 Rockford Midwestern”: Catch the final week of this biennial competition that features 81 paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings and photographs by 48 artists from seven states including local artists Katie Bell, John Deill, Ingrid Dohm, Lynn Fischer, Virginia Hatwich, Tom Heflin, Matthew Johansson, Megan Klazura, Gregory Lang, Robin McCauley, Bradley Nordlof and Katherine Webb. Also at RAM: the “69th Young Artist Show: Youth Division” and work by Rockford Photo Club members.

43. Rockford Baha’i Center, 1650 N. Alpine Road, (815) 978-6464—“Heal the World”: An exhibit promoting all forms of art by diverse artists who will share their artistic response to the theme “Heal the World.” Visual arts will be displayed, and performances will be presented throughout the event. People of all ages will be invited to participate in arts experiences and creative expression.

44. Shadowchasers Photography, 340 E. Riverside Blvd., (815) 633-8045—“The Eyes Have It”: Artists Sherri Gallimore, Natalie Nygren-Kearns and Tony Hill exhibit landscape, abstract nature, humorous nature and travel photography.

45. Studio 1109, Inc., 1109 Railroad Ave., (815) 961-9060—An exhibit featuring works by artist Andrew Langoussis.

46. Tom Littrell Design, 317 Market St., (815) 621-4668—Experience original art by Tom Littrell, painting and mixed media; Tim Bradley, underwater photography and Mona Rinaldo, faux finish surfaces. Watch the artists at work and create some art yourself.

From the April 14-20, 2010 issue

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