To the Editor: Ghosts, etc. are demons

  Our television sponsors are trying to keep us, their viewers, spellbound to peddle their products. And sometimes (too many), they have broadcast shows about ghosts, aliens, flying saucers and other oddities. Then, they will have other investigative teams searching for answers, wandering around darkened rooms. And then someone will ask the others, “Wow, did anyone else feel this corner of the room just turn cold?” Or, “I just felt a cold hand upon my shoulder!” Then, they shine a light in a narrator’s face, and all of a sudden, a female lets out a loud scream!

  But this latest fad of trying to seek out the paranormal has never been proven. Why? Because according to the Bible, it makes an important statement—that “we fight not against flesh and blood, but against [two different] principalities” (powers of good or evil). One is of God, and the other is from the devil. But if it is not from God, it must be from Satan. Also, there is no consciousness in the grave. For we are all sleeping until the resurrection day.

  But, I ask, how can there be disembodied spirits wandering around if they are not awake? Because Lucifer (God’s most beautiful angel) had become conceited and wanted God to remove Himself from His throne so that he (Lucifer) could become a god himself! But instead, the real God’s patience had grown thin, so then Lucifer and his followers were thrown out of heaven. And then Lucifer was called the devil and Satan. They (the devil and his demons) were thrown down to Earth, and he (devil) is angry at God. And those Christians and Jews—and all humans. The devil is called the great pretender. He can manipulate time, space and matter, becoming whatever he wants to become. He tries to persuade us to doubt that there is a real God.

                   Philip J. Wilson


From the April 21-27, 2010 issue

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