To the Editor: Bullies in school district and unions

April 28, 2010

  Loved the editorial cartoon with Ms. Sheffield as the dominatrix. I’ve watched the Rockford School District slowly disintegrate for the last 30 years and the effect that deterioration has had on the Greater Rockford area.

  The Carpenters Union (like most other unions) is no longer concerned with the workers except as a source of funding. If they could, the union bosses would outsource the workers to a low-cost country, more operating funds that way. Their current lawsuits against the YouthBuild group are nothing but bullying the little guy.

                   Douglas Pherigo

                             Loves Park

From the April 28-May 4, 2010 issue

One Comment

  1. Donnie Brown

    April 29, 2010 at 10:29 am

    The Unions are ruing this country. Once upon a time unions meant something; an ideal and more importantly respect for the working man and woman. $10 an hour is a fair wage, yet the lawsuit against CCS is nothing more than a self-serving attempt to keep all the work themselves. Of course the “union” arbitrator ruled on behalf of the union. This kangaroo court should have never taken place and real justice would have required an impartial arbritrator – like a judge or jury. It’s ludicrous that crime is going to be encouraged because these youth no longer have jobs and their one lifeline is being threatened by the unions. Shame on the Department of Labor – their “partners” in Youthbuild for not standing up and saying this is something all Americans should believe in and we will not kill this organization and its mission because of your self-preservation desires.

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