To the Editor: Governor’s budget cuts will hurt Lifescape

Governor’s budget cuts will hurt Lifescape

  It is deep within each human soul to help one another. When one falls, with no help to rise, the community falls as well.

  This is essentially what the State of Illinois is forcing human service agencies throughout to do; fail to help their community. By not paying these agencies the money that is owed them, like Lifescape Community Services, important services are denied, people are forced to seek help elsewhere, and ultimately, agencies close and the unemployment in our state rises even higher.

  And now Governor Quinn is proposing a $13 million cut in the budget that helps fund Lifescape’s Bright Side Adult Day Service. Bright Side provides a place where caregivers know their loved ones are properly supervised and cared for. There is peace of mind in that knowledge. But with this cut, where will our clients go?

  In most cases, they will be forced into nursing homes, where the state will spend millions more to provide needed services, money that would be better spent keeping our clients in their own homes and community. To cut essential services, like adult day services, as proposed by the governor, is inexcusable. Our elected officials need to stop these cuts.

                             Carol Green

                   Executive Director

  Lifescape Community Services, Inc.


From the April 28-May 4, 2010 issue

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