To the Editor: Progressive reject common sense–replace them!

The U.S. Constitution became a topic of interest recently when our incumbent congressman (Phil Hare) was questioned about his recent health care vote. He said those who have no health insurance are a greater concern to him than worrying about our Constitution. Our congressman is a progressive, and he has no qualms about voting to undermine the bedrock of this great nation.

Health care reform isn’t the first time progressive politicians have trumped our Constitution. Expansion of the federal government is their goal, believing our Constitution is a living and breathing document in need of modification. It’s the progressives’ job to convince citizens how entitled they are by enacting sweeping legislation emphasizing benefits, while ignoring exploding costs that get shifted to the next generation. To say that this is generational theft is an understatement, yet recipients of such largesse write letters of support for destructive programs putting us on the brink of financial disaster.

Progressives consistently reject common-sense solutions to make health care accessible. Private sector adjustments to the present system have been offered and put in the public domain. These adjustments will not bankrupt the entire system. Instead, they will make the system more efficient and open accessibility to more people while holding down costs. Our entrenched leaders in Congress reject anything short of a complete government health care takeover.

Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and free prescriptions are leading this nation into bankruptcy. That hasn’t stopped progressives from enacting the biggest budget buster of all, universal health care.

Our government in Washington is broken, and we need to send our progressive congressman packing by electing Bobby Schilling to take his place.

Jeffrey H. Rice

Rock Island, Ill.

From the May 5-11, 2010 issue

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