Waterkeeper News: Help the Quad Cities Waterkeeper monitor the tragedy in the Gulf

Editor’s note: On very, very short notice, Art Norris agreed to represent the counties of Henry and Rock Island at the April 16 Creating the Rock River Trail Conference, held at the Best Western Clock Tower Resort & Conference Center and CoCo Key Water Resort. Everyone working on the project offers our happy thanks, and welcomes him to a regular column in The Rock River Times. Mr. Norris actually takes a public stand, and undertakes public action to affect public policy on the environment, unlike too many comfortably hiding in the “Green Fashionista” safe zone, while they expect others to act.

By Art Norris
Quad Cities Waterkeeper

I hope all is well.

This has been a very trying week environmentally with the massive oil spill in the Gulf. I am very heavy hearted at this point. I have volunteered to go and document the loss of wildlife and our natural resources with photography. Funding is short, and any help would be greatly appreciated. I am willing to risk the dangers to bring the truth to the public. I am certain I will cry. But I need to be there to show our youth what not to do. You can go to the Quad Cities Waterkeeper site and donate to aiding me get there. I will send you the truth in photos. I am a 501 (c)(3) and can give you a tax deduction.


Please go to Quad Cities’ Facebook profile for current environmental news on the oil spill updated daily from Waterkeepers and other concerned environmental groups.


Now on to our local issues, and our beautiful Rock River and how we are going to save her.

I feel we need to be drawn back to our rivers to protect them. I feel the trail is essential in healing of our Rock River. We need to care and start to share the Rock River and her importance with our children.

After the Kishwaukee River ethanol spill, which caused the biggest fish kill in Illinois history, catfish trying to crawl on shore just did it for me. I donated my life to try to stop this from happening again. I feel the people don’t know. In the weeks, months, and hopefully years ahead, QCW will explain the grief and pain of losing something you love. The hard part is knowing it’s unnecessary if only the people would act.

I will show you it does not have to be this way. If they fixed the Hudson, we can save the Rock River.


Again, please join, or donate to help us make change that is long overdue. Please drop the QUAD CITIES WATERKEEPER an e-mail at quadcitieswaterkeeper@gmail.com with your contact information, and together we will get started. Also, become a friend of QCW on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/junglejenny?v=wall&story_fbid=107953019245885#!/profile.php?id=100000587340194&ref=profile

Or, feel free to mail me, too, at: QUAD CITIES WATERKEEPER, Art Norris, 101 Main St. P.O. Box 67, Port Byron IL. 61275

Feel free to also call at 309-721-1800.

From the May 5-11, 2010 issue

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