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BELOIT, Wis.—Living as a hermit on an island lush with jungle life with only pity and spite to keep him company, Dragon Master Lord Jason Tolbridge, former Commander of the Royal Legions of Ishtabar, is far from home. Eventually, imminent war calls Jason home, and so begins the drama inherent in Sense of Honor (published by iUniverse), a fantastic tale by first-time author Shawn Weaver that is fueled by passion and pride and filled with dragons, magic and mystery.

Weaver’s main characters include Lord Tolbridge; the brazen, young Steel; dragon mounts Simeriah and Goldbridge; and Lord Tor, Jason’s former best friend. Fueled by a deathbed request from Jason’s father, it is Steel who finds the solitary Jason and enlists him to be his training mentor. Jason’s guidance would transform Steel’s fighting prowess from that of basic soldier to an elite warrior. Not accepting the offer would surely mean battle with Goldbridge, an immense red dragon and faithful companion to Steel’s dead father.

So, to the best of his ability—yet against his better judgment—Jason teaches the hot-tempered young man. But, war with the kingdom of Terrian is on the verge of engulfing neighboring Ishtabar. Strong connections and extreme circumstances pull Jason and Steel back home, where they encounter Jason’s nemesis, Lord Tor, current leader of Ishtabar’s Royal Legions and the main recipient of Jason’s hatred.

Doing the only honorable thing he could to make up for his unjust hatred of the world that sent him to exile on the island, Jason tricks Lord Tor from trying to accomplish an almost unattainable task that would destroy the Ishtabar warriors. Teamed with Simeriah, Jason heroically attempts to turn the battle around even while stranded in enemy territory. Pride and passion tear at him almost as much as the weapons used in this fiercely-brutal and destructive war.

About the author

Inspired daily by the written word, Shawn Weaver enjoys creating a unique world of fantasy filled with action, passion and triumph. He lives in Beloit, Wis., with his wife, Rebecca; two daughters, Amanda and Rhe’Anna; and three grandchildren, Brooklyn, Nathaniel and Dominic. This is his first book.

Sense of Honor

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From the May 19-25, 2010 issue

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