To the Editor: 17th Congressional District needs Bobby Schilling

In November of 2009, did a poll that showed that only 40 percent of 15,000 random residential registered voters would vote to put Phil Hare back in office in 2010. Most telling was how Independents voted. 56 percent voted negatively to returning this representative to Washington.

The United States has 435 congressional districts, and our district, the 17th, ranks 25th in population decline! It seems like in our district, if businesses are not cutting back, they are closing. The current politicians continue to tax businesses out of existence by decreasing the cost of doing business in other countries, and increasing the cost of business in our own country by raising taxes. All this matters.

Bobby Schilling is the fresh face that we need in Congress. Bobby thinks the Midwest is home to the hardest-working people in America. Schilling believes that instead of focusing on extended unemployment benefits, our government needs to help businesses succeed so that jobs can be saved.

It seems unlikely that Phil Hare will change direction, even though he knows that jobs are badly needed. What is disappointing is that instead of leading, Mr. Hare goes along with his party and continues to tax, spend, and add more government control.

We’ve had 30 years of ineffective representation and leadership by Mr. Hare and his predecessor. Thirty years of representing special-interest groups such as trial lawyers, labor unions and far-left lobbyist groups has done enough damage on our district and nation. It is time to rid our district of this kind of politician and elect a man like Bobby Schilling, whose plans are to think more about the next generation, rather than the next election. His experience as a business man, father and a man who honors the Constitution speaks well for him as a candidate. I plan to work wholeheartedly for Bobby Schilling. Read more about Bobby Schilling by logging on to

John Tournear

Quincy, Ill.

From the May 26-June 1, 2010 issue

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