To the Editor: Bullying teachers is not productive

I attended the May 13th Signal Hill neighborhood meeting with Superintendent Sheffield as the guest speaker. Here are some of my observations and impressions.

Dr. Sheffield’s goals for improving the quality of education in Rockford are notable and even commendable. But I have difficulty with her approach to obtaining these goals. She stressed the need to gain the respect of students and to respect them; however, her attitude toward teachers has been anything but. It makes me wonder whether she made any serious effort to form a collaborative relationship with teachers. Her approach has been to bully, humiliate and intimidate. It leads me to believe that she was not only hired to improve the schools, but to destroy the teachers’ union as well. Without a team effort, she will never succeed with bettering our schools. Comments like, “I have people around me who look for ways around the contract,”are not encouraging this team building.

I was also disappointed by the way Mrs. Westholder, current board member, handled the question period. It was blatantly obvious that she would not call on anyone whom she thought would ask a negative question. We deserve better from our elected board members.

Roger Oehlke


From the May 26-June 1, 2010 issue

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