To the Editor: Elect Bobby Schilling to Congress

Most of us have heard the phrase “fundamental transformation of America.” President Obama first used it while running for election, and he has used it several times since. Passage of the stimulus bill and health care reform, against the will of the public, has taught us what transformation of America really means. The unmistakable lesson is our representative republic is on life support when the people we send to Washington become disconnected from those they are sworn to serve.

While Obama takes credit for fundamentally transforming America, the truth is liberals/progressives have been doing it for decades. No president can do this alone. It takes a Congress to incrementally transform America, and since the election of 2008, the process has been running at hyper speed demonstrating that ideology trumps the will of the people. When members of the Senate and House of Representatives are there too long, they become detached from the public, and we see how the will of the people is ignored.

We can’t replace Obama until 2010, but we can replace Congress this fall, including here in the 17th District by electing Bobby Schilling as our representative in Washington. Mr. Schilling will act to reverse exploding deficits accompanied by runaway spending. He will listen to his constituents, and he will introduce legislation to limit the terms members of Congress can serve.

No matter what your kitchen table politics might be, I urge you to elect Bobby Schilling to Congress this November to get this nation back to the foundation of a representative republic.

Jeffrey H. Rice

Rock Island, Ill.

From the June 2-8, 2010 issue

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